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Majestic sonic magic, in the arms of otherworldly melodies that fly above anything I have heard in a long time – the new LOCRIAN album Infinite Dissolution is way beyond stellar! I have been a fan for years, and I can’t say enough about how killer it is to hear

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Batten down the hatches and brush aside your assumptions on this one, people. Because if you don’t, prepare to have a number of previous expectations as to what the sound of Doom Metal can be destroyed. If you’ve been paying close attention over the last few weeks, CVLT Nation has

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On July 2nd, a very special Wrekmeister Harmonies show took place m at the annual “Beyond the Gate” series inside the Bohemian National Cemetery Mausoleum. We are so lucky that our comrade in photography Josh Ford was on hand to capture this amazing performance for CVLT Nation. Wrekmeister Harmonies was joined by some of

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On April 8th to 11th of this year, a very special fest took place called Doom Over Leipzig, that featured so many unreal bands, such as AMENRA, KAYO DOT, MONARCH!, SUBROSA, MINSK, FLOOR, UZALA and many more. Our comrade Jan Zeleny was on hand to capture this rad fest –

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Sometimes it is the bass that gets me, and other times I can become addicted to vocals! Case in point, Aerial Ruin, whose new album ash of your cares is a perfect record from beginning to end. With just a guitar, this human has the power to construct songs that will speak to you on

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A couple of weeks ago at Vancouver’s legendary SBC, THE SHRINE blew through town on their west coast tour! The Venice locals took names and kicked asses up north alongside DIRTY FENCES and Vancouver locals HASHTEROID, and our comrade in photography Taylor Fergusen was there to capture it all for

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