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Helen Money‘s 3rd full length, Arriving Angels, originally released via Profound Lore in 2013, is now available as a limited edition vinyl repress through Corpse Flower Records. This LP is limited to 500 copies on a gorgeous opaque orange vinyl, with original artwork by Steve Byram (Reign in Blood, License

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Text & Photos by Adam Murray Five bands (well, technically four) descended upon Los Angeles on this night like the various strains of flu virus that have been penetrating and violating everyone’s immune systems for the past couple weeks. Strong Intention ground up a fine blend of grindy punk sludgecore

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Earlier neofolk was sometimes called “apocalyptic folk,” a phrase seen on at least one early Current 93 flyer that seemed to sum up early bands’ stripped down, back-to-basics acoustic approach to making doomy, and quite often occult-tinged, music(k). One of the longest-running current podcasts of this style is in fact

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What makes a song ring true or false?  For that matter, what makes any fiction work?  Writers have to inhabit the souls of all manner of people, but if all they could express was themselves, every novel would be about the struggles of maintaining access to wi-fi.  Folk music runs

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Just like their music, the new RUINED FAMILIES video for “Pedestal” takes you to many different places at one time! The way it’s filmed captures the emotion of the song and allows your mind to put together the puzzle of this visual. CVLT Nation is honored to be premiering the

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My ears are being violated and I just downed a big bowl of my own vomit…at least, this is how I feel after listening to RECTAL HYGIENICS Even the Flies Won’t Touch You. You can hear the drugs that when into created this damaged, fucked up music and I can

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