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If you ever wondered what Negative Plane would sound like with a little occult rock slant on their vocals and a touch of goth at the edges, then Occultation will tick all those boxes for you. While that’s a very basic premise, and one that only just grazes the periphery

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Apocalyptic BluesAvant GardeDoomFeaturedMusicReviews

Last year, JR Robinson, under the pseudonym of Wrekmeister Harmonies, unveiled his second record (and first for Thrill Jockey), You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me, a painfully misleading title for what turned out to be a morose and unsettling intersection between the avant-garde and doom metal. Now we’re staring

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 Right now I’m surrounded by collossal mountains of emotions that have huge giants clothed in our human condition climbing up the side of them! Once at the top, they will be able to give us the answers to questions that we never knew existed. Actually, I’m listening to the new

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One of the most creative humans I know goes by the name of Reuben Sawyer aka Rainbath Visual. Not only is he an unreal illustrator but a very accomplished musician, with about four bands that span different genres. One of those is his solo project, Blood Bright Star, whose new

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Among the many awesome things that friendship does, it brings together awesome people to make even more awesome fucking records. And this is exactly what happened in the case of Anopheli, where Alex CF (Lightbearer, Fall of Efrafa, Carnist etc) flew to San Francisco from England to record a crust

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While living in the Lower East Side of New York one band changed the way I visualized and heard music they went by the name of GANG GANG DANCE. This group of humans created sound waves that became their ocean of audio enchainment.Most the members were the by product of

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