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One of the most creative humans I know goes by the name of Reuben Sawyer aka Rainbath Visual. Not only is he an unreal illustrator but a very accomplished musician, with about four bands that span different genres. One of those is his solo project, Blood Bright Star, whose new

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While living in the Lower East Side of New York one band changed the way I visualized and heard music they went by the name of GANG GANG DANCE. This group of humans created sound waves that became their ocean of audio enchainment.Most the members were the by product of

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1. BOTANIST So Fucking Original…So fucking amazing…So freaking Magical…So freaking breathtaking…the new BOTANIST album out now on Flenser is PERFECT! Not only is this one of the best black metal albums of the year, it might just be one of the best albums of the year hands down…Don’t take my

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I’m not really sure where to start on this one. This album defies any attempt to pin it into a corner with any kind of label or definition. There is so much ethereal shit going on in this record that at at times it feels like it is pulsating in front

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The interest in Musical Shamanism is unwavering, thanks to all of you who decided to support the idea. Throughout the past several weeks, I received some very interesting questions through social media sites, and some of them, I think, deserve public answers. I’ve chosen the ones that aren’t directly answered

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From now on, each month will see a feature in the series entitled Avant Anomalies Of The Month, introducing you to about five to eight records. The usual focus will be on the extreme, avant-garde music that most metallers are either afraid to check out or are just ignorant of

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1. BLOTTER BLOTTER’s 5 song EP Under Armour ’77 is a perfect blast of hardcore! On the mark, get set, go: all of their songs are the motherfucking jam! This band knows how write those punk songs that make you want to slam and shake your ass at the same

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‘Sorry everyone…why would I have ever thought those dudes could keep it together?’ This is what Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor, tweeted the day Death Grips announced their split. The mercurial hip-hop crew were set to open for NIN and Soundgarden on their joint summer North American tour. But

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Early note, obviously not everyone will agree with my opinion that this album is the ‘greatest of all time’ in this genre. That is a very polarizing statement, I realize. Regardless, this album is amazing. Noise is an odd beast. Many people don’t even know it exists as a musical

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You are about to experience visual and audio insanity!!! Check out this way fucking beyond raging video of SISSY SPACEK killing shit at the Handbag Factory. It should be noted that they have an unreal new vocalist, Sara from Youth Code, and she brings the pain! SISSY SPACEK have a

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Miserable (CVLT Nation)
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Like it or not, experimental metal exists, and there are bands with no interest in changing their approach to music in order to become what others want them to be. It gets even more frustrating for labels to see some of these acts like Bongripper grow, and not simply stop.

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Gog (CVLT Nation)
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Drone doom has a history of pioneering bands drastically changing the concepts and pre-supposed definitions of it, and that includes both well-known acts such as Earth and more obscure ones like They Yearn For What They Fear. There is a refreshing element in almost all bands in that cycle that

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