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Any article written about Wes Eisold often starts the same way: “Wes Eisold needs no introduction…” Well, yes, that’s true, but like virtually every other article that starts that way, I will spend the next paragraph explaining to you exactly who he is. Unless you’ve been in a coma since

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Today CVLT Nation presents an exclusive premiere: two live videos from AUTHOR & PUNISHER’s recent journey supporting Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals. The videos are taken from the live backdrop visuals at the show created by Will Michaelson, aka Cutmod, who took footage of the actual performance and mixed

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Avant GardeFilmMusicMusic Videos

Our comrades YOUTH CODE just released their new self-titled record via Dais Records. Today we want to share with you the visual for “Carried Mask” directed by Sara Taylor…Also check out our in-depth review of their new record HERE! Photo by Chad Fjerstad

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via Equivoke NOTE: These hard working fellows are looking for a label of some kind that would be interested in releasing this record in physical form, so I’m putting the word out. If you think you could help them out I suggest you contact them ( because this is a

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Oozing Wound by Joe Martinez -  62A7984
Avant GardeFilmMusicMusic VideosSludge

Hey space cadets & freakazoids, are you ready for Chicagos’s OOZING WOUND? Well you better get ready, because they are releasing their new album Retrash via Thrill Jockey Records on Oct. 15th. Right now I want you to take a ride with me and check out their new video “Welcome

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Church of Fuck, Dry Cough and Skin & Bones have all come together to release a very special EP from OLD SKIN entitled ‘Mære‘. For just over 15 minutes this band builds a new sonic definition of how hardcore can be created. OLD SKIN is not afraid to dip their

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Apocalyptic BluesArtAvant GardeMusicPhotography

I can’t front, when I first heard THROBBING GRISTLE as a young teenager I didn’t get them, but as I got older I understoond how important this band is to underground music. What I did understand early on is that these humans were plugged into their own outlet of creativity.

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The Body by Megan Holmes - 34
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The BODY have done it again and created a very outstanding record entitled Christs, Redeemers that will be out on Oct. 15th via Thrill Jockey. Today I want to share with you their beautiful but creepy visual for “An Altar or Grave” directed by Richard Rankin…pre-order Christs, Redeemers HERE! The

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IHEARTCOMIX has given us two pairs of tickets to give away for the upcoming Light Asylum, Dangerous Boys Club, Youth Code and Night Sins show at Los Globos in Los Angeles, this Saturday, September 28th! If you follow CVLT Nation, you’ve already seen and heard quite a bit from these

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There is something perhaps necessarily schizophrenic about the split.  After all, what you frequently have are (at least) two different bands, recording in different studios with different producers, and (hopefully) not writing identical songs.  Even for the best split records released, their quality has more to do with that of

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Avant GardeFilmMusicMusic Videos

CVLT Nation is super stoked to be premiering a video for THEOLOGIAN from their upcoming 2014 release via Malignant Records, Pain of the Saints. This self-produced video is strange and disturbing in a way only he could envision. The track, “Infection,” is off of a double CD produced with Fade

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Kayo Dot - Hubardo - 2013
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Kayo Dot celebrate one decade of activity with their new album, Hubardo, a monstrous one and a half hour-long ordeal of beautiful and mesmerizing avant garde blackened doom. The album is a triumph for the band and a towering achievement in their ten year history for three reasons mainly. First

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