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In total darkness, peep PRURIENT do his thing in Brooklyn. Nuff respect to (((unARTigNYC))) for capturing this show on film! PRURIENT’s new album Frozen Niagara Falls comes out on May 12th via Profound Lore, stay tuned for the full review!

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AMENRA and the Church of Ra are known for pushing boundaries with music and art, so it makes perfect sense that they teamed up with one of the most prolific and boundary-pushing skin artists, Little Swastika, for a music and tattoo collaboration and series of performances over the course of

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Last month, I had the opportunity to listen to Crowhurst‘s new self-titled full length, and was subsequently blown away. After sharing my opinions on the effort in a review, I had another opportunity to communicate with the band and was able to conduct the following interview. The interview touches on

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MTHR is a North Carolina duo that has haunted our dreamscape since we first heard “Wise Blood” from their upcoming debut EP, Howl. They create music that flows effortlessly into your veins and takes control of all of your cells, causing cathartic chaos amongst your body’s systems. It’s a bit

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WTF!!!!!! The new MUTTER video “Dry Cum” is a head fuck to say the least. It’s ugly times ugly, but I can not stop looking away. The music and the visuals pull you into his mad fucking world, and all you want to do is press replay to start the

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The latest installment of Ivan Weiss and Sam Stephenson’s Big, Bent Ears: A Serial in Documentary Uncertainty covers Nazoranai, an improvisational group consisting of Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley, and the legendary noise artist Keiji Haino. The fifty-minute documentary combines interviews with each member of Nazoranai with pieces of their amazing

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