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Unholy AWESOME! I received the promo from Finland’s ABYSSION last week and ever since I can’t stop blasting their EP Luonnon Harmonia Ja Vihreä Liekki! I could write about this band’s outstanding pedigree, but I won’t because to me it’s all about what they are creating ABYSSION, and not their other projects.

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Chelsea Wolfe
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The always incredible CHELSEA WOLFE has just released a track from her forthcoming album on Sargent House, Abyss, entitled “Carrion Flowers,” and it is as moving as you anticipate it to be. Once again, Chelsea’s signature sound is evolving, and this track carries more industrial elements than her previous outputs,

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I reach out, and find damp stone walls inches from my fingertips; I look up, and see only a tiny, cold light filtering down from far above me; all is dark, wet, shifting beneath me, showing my escape route to be either above or below me, but whatever direction I

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The killer curated site The Brvtalism is an internet portal that always inspires me! They have an outstanding mixtape series called New Brvtalism that I follow. Today we would like to share with you No.016 curated by the Nebraska leather band PLACK BLAGUE…this is sonic sadistic mix that will whip your

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Aidan Baker and Eric Quach, mainly of Nadja and thisquietarmy respectively, do not really need much of an introduction. Their activity on the experimental drone scene has been documented brilliantly by their numerous releases and collaborations through the years. Hypnodrone Ensemble is not even the first time that these two

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Hexadic is overwhelmed by everything else Ben Chasny is doing. It’s the new record by his “folk” project, Six Organs of Admittance, and it was composed by the Hexadic System (or method), which Chasny invented (but which he thinks is nothing new). The Hexadic System been billed as an evolution

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