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One of our favorite tape labels at CVLT Nation is Colloquial Sound Recordings because they have never disappointed us. They recently released a batch of tapes and among them is the new A Pregnant Light offering, Stars Will Fall. With every offering from this band, I become a bigger fan.

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Lux Interna’s there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun has been one of my favorite surprises of the year so far.  Mixing the doom-isms of Nick Cave with the kind of tinkered Americana popularized by groups like 16 Horsepower, and adding a huge dose of

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From the ashes of At the Drive In came The Mars Volta, who changed the way rock music was heard. Live, this band was un-fucking-real. Their first couple of albums were my favorites. At times, The Mars Volta went off to places in music that maybe only certain heads could

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As of right now, you can get 40 to 50% off all the records and cassettes in the CVLT Nation Record Store!!! After a year of carrying music in our store, we are shutting it down and we are clearing out all our stock at the lowest prices you will

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From the cold, northern land of Iceland comes the newest addition (and addiction) to the post/experimental black metal scene, Wormlust. The brainchild of H.V Lyngdal has been going since 2003, under the guise of Wolfheart, before changing its name in 2006. A few demos followed, out of which the most

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There are certain voices that take my imagination to other worlds, and one of them happens to belong to BJÖRK. I was around 14 when I heard her peace punk band K.U.K.L., and from that time until now I have been hooked. To say she is a free spirit is

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12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}
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The new band NERVOUS will get you hyped with their angular take on punk. For 1 minute and 46 seconds, their new tune “Good Morning” puts a smile on my face! NERVOUS plans to release their new self titled record via Twelve Gauge Records on Sept. 24th. In the meantime, CVLT

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It’s quite interesting when a band’s sound is totally at odds with the images and vibes of their hometown or state. When someone says Texas, you don’t immediately think of cold, moody basslines, guitars and vocals drenched in sorrow and a gloomy atmosphere all around. However, that’s exactly what we

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One of my latest discoveries through one of my incursions on Bandcamp is Hope Drone. I just bumped into them while I was checking some random black metal acts and the minute I pressed that “Play” button I was instantly surrendered to it. Hope Drone are a black metal band

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Text & Photos by Darryl Reid Tempe, Arizona’s Marshstepper rolled through town a couple weeks ago to assault our senses in a dark basement. Consisting of equal parts noise/drone, black metal and electronic music filtered through a black mass: if Satan had a teen dance party in hell, it would

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Ambient black metal, post-rock duo Vukari have released Matriarch, a concept album about a “Slavic slave girl who is bought by a Germanic lord who promises her freedom and prosperity”, and while the concept sounds depressing, the album is an introspective, uplifting wall of sound that washes over the listener

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Photographer: Sunve Sunvemetal Site: Based: Weimar, Germany ONE Nargaroth. September 09th 2011, Meh Suff Festival, Switzerland. “It’s quite a little time ago but a friend turned on his favourite CD mix and I coincidentally listened to Nargaroth for the first time in the form of the song Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus.

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