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Look at the noose that graces the cover of this album. It reaches out from shadows unknown, waiting for our unexpecting head to slide into it unaware so it can then tighten and yank us back into the tenebrae of horror it emerged from. This is what Bobby Krlic aka

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Last year, we covered Portugal’s answer to Roadburn, Amplifest, for the first time (check out our coverage here and here). Amplifest 2013, the third edition, already has some big names on the lineup – Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe, Year of No Light, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Aluk Todolo and Russian

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On August 20th, 2013, A Plague of Knowing will descend upon Horseback fans everywhere. This collection of rarities and singles encompasses tracks from compilations, vinyl only recordings, demos, live recordings and previously unreleased Horseback material from 2007-2012. For anyone who values the immense contribution Horseback has made to music, this

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Kalpamantra & Malignant Records presents The Black Plagve Compilation, featuring exclusive tracks from Theologian, DEATHSTENCH, Sektor 304, Sewer Goddess, Trepaneringsritualen, Yen Pox/Troum, Aderlating, and loads more. This dark audio is 36 tracks deep…download NOW!!! The Black Plague by Various

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The Guilt Of… is a New Orleans-based project from EyeHateGod’s Mike IX Williams and former Wolvhammer member Ryan Mckern. Its a chaotic but harmonious mix of punk rock vocals, blackened guitar decomposition and power electronics like only these two can create, and today CVLT Nation is stoked to be streaming

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Who is Crown of Cerberus? There’s little to say about the man known merely as M. Chami, the helmsman and architect behind this ambient/noise project, though you could probably decipher more information from his work with power electronics acts like Disgust and Koufar and thus patch together something of a

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Vost is a solo ambient/drone project of a composer based in Portland, Oregon. No drums or vocals, just slow minimalist sounds. Some of which sound like a howling wind passing through heavy old machinery. Other parts have languid but steadily skulking bass which give them a haunting, dreamlike quality. With

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Today CVLT Nation is honored to be premiering the new Agarttha video for “Chymische Hockzeit” off of the A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands LP that came out June 25th on King Of The Monsters Records. Francesca Marongiu’s music is melodic and haunting, with a tension that is aptly

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Some music makes you see the world in a different way and allows your thoughts to form unknown shapes. This is how the new LOCRIAN album “Return To Annihilation” makes me feel – it is a transcendental experience from beginning to end! They have just released a new video for

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Dublin based “krautviolence” mongers WOLFBAIT have turned many a bruised head in the last few months since the release of their self titled tape through the Art For Blind label. A crushing blend of drone, repetition, explosive pummelling rock and spine tingling dirge it’s a unique and often eerie affair

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On The Board’s favorite releases of 2013 so far… Cülo – My Life Sucks And I Could Care Less This is a fucking punk record. 24 songs about doing drugs and wanting to die. You might think that this album is gimmicky or something but you can’t deny that these

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So LEUCOSIS has just released two songs via their Bandcamp and they are fucking amazing. This is a message to any label reading this: sign this band because they deserve it and they’re creating some of the most original music coming out right now! All hail Leucosis – listen to

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