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In 2016, Spanish black/noise sorcerers  BLACK EARTH released an utter monument to sonic disembodiment. Their incredible EP Diagrams of a Hidden Order was released in 2016 on tape by In Solace Publishing and on CD through Malignant Records, and you can read our earlier album feature HERE. It didn’t take long for people to take note of this

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On March 24th, Quo Vadis Productions put on a very special show featuring the debut performance of Old Tower along with performances by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement and Âmes Sanglantes plus an unreal DJ set by Becka Diamond. We feel honored to be sharing with you these epic photos that were taken by the amazing Nikki

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While you may associate enchantment with the occult and a preference for social isolation with extreme metal, alternative hip-hop’s Wicca Phase Springs Eternal suggests that darkness can be translated through the beat of a different drum. Branching off from indie rock’s more conventionally alternative route (a truthful oxymoron), the man

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Usually, dark songs come from dark places. That’s why when you think of goth, you think of England. Yes, England is dark, not only because it’s mostly cold and damp but also because they were, and sort of still are, one of biggest colonialist countries, and that’s some dark shit

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Heavy music comes in so many sonic forms, and genre boxes are made to be crushed! RAUM KINGDOM are a heavy band that bring something new to the genre. When I listen to this band it makes me wonder what would happen if James Lavelle of Unkle started a Metal

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PYLAR is a very special band that exists in a universe that is all of their own! They represent something that I strive for everyday – FREEDOM – and they embody it in the way they create. What you are about to see is them performing live on November 24th,

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