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So what happens when a highly bugged out label decides to release a 5-way split? The end result is what I’m listening to now, while my brain is becoming all sorts of shit that I never knew existed. Our comrades over at TAPE OF A NEON GOD have put together

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In mid-2014, Julian Cope released his debut novel, 131, self-described as a “time-shifting, gnostic hooligan road novel.” Set in Sardinia, Italy, it is a wonderfully bizarre account of a musician named Rock Section and several equally intriguing characters. Rock Section returns to the island fifteen years after himself and a

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Echoes of the past brought forth with a solitary piano, calling forth ghosts from the mists of your mind, swirling in and out of existence like fleeting thoughts and emotions. With Meradiam, France’s Le Seul Elément have created an audio apothecary for the soul, offering everything you need to awaken

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For Nostilevo, an industrial label known to release small batches of illegible monochrome cassettes, a vinyl release is news. Come out with it. We fall on our faces each year to the wave of barely known artists…

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This album is another testament to the fact that they must have good drugs in Chicago, as their effects continue to echo in the music billowing out of the Windy City. The tradition of this chemical wedding is being carried on from the days Charlie Parker, but switched from doctor prescribed morphine to heroin.

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Scar Sighted is a gem in this 2015 that has just started for two reasons mainly: one, you will not hear a metal album quite like this all year, not only for this year actually, but likely for years to come; and two, with Scar Sighted, Leviathan is FUCKING BACK, back to their most disgusting and geniously appalling craft, the one we had loved so much up until the all time masterpiece Massive Conspiracy Against All Life came to life back in 2008.

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