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Chicago’s CRACKED VESSEL have a new album up their sleeves that’s set to decimate the streets this Friday via Hip Kid Records, and this beastly collection of black metal/post-hardcore tunes is called No Path. It’s a record that will draw you in to its web, only to wrap you in

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Jeremy from The Brvtalist interviews Lord Time Lord Time Mandatory Human Livestock Reduction + Q&A   Perhaps a harbinger of pain, Lord Time emerges again and releases what could easily be described as the most brvtal release of 2016. The solo project of Los Angeles-based Andorkappen, Lord Time now offers

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One does not need to go much beyond the origin of Gnaw Their Tongues name in order to understand what they are getting into. The expression comes from the Book of Revelation and describes one of the punishments in hell. In essence, what Mories, the multi-instrumentalist and composer behind Gnaw

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Life is full of complexities; things can change quickly, and what seems beautiful one moment can look grim another. That is what makes the art form of Black Metal so special – it can be so many things while still remaining powerful! Terra’s new album entitled Mors Secunda is a perfect example how

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Hot FUCKING hell – Venefixion’s soon to be released LP Armorican Deathrites is the BOMB!!! Every moment of this record rocks harder than ancient stone, but it’s the morbid melody that gets me hyped! This band has riffs for dayz that will have the undead head-banging even after life has passed them

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War Arts Productions is killing the game right now – with each release this label is going from strength to strength! Unholy awesome, their new split by Irae (Portugal) / Moribund (United States) is more deadly than a bag of poisoned razor blades. When you hear the first song from Irae called

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