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This song is from the new EP A Forming Void from Enthauptung, a Black Metal band based out of Buffalo, NY. They pull influences from the atmospheric styling of bands from the Cascadian region, so if you are fans of Wolves in the Throne Room, Alda and Addaura, your ears will like what

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Black metal and neoclassical art are decades deep in a steamy love affair. As early as Burzum, black metal has been influenced by neoclassical music. This was ramped up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, with groups like Windir, Morose and Limbonic Art. Balin’s Tomb from Moscow play a neo-classical inflected

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The Canadian province of Quebec, nestled inconspicuously between the Atlantic coast and the country’s heartland of Ontario, is known to foreigners for perhaps one reason above all others – its inhabitants are proud speakers of a dialect of French that has remained unchanged for over two hundred and fifty years.

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Early this week featured a review about the rad BLUT AUS NOR // P.H.O.B.O.S. split that is out now on Debemur Morti Productions entitled Triunity. Now today CVLT Nation has been the highest honor of streaming this outstanding in full below…Make sure to check out our review Triunity HERE!

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1. THE WHOREHOUSE MASSACRE Fuck life, just give me a big bong load of doom and I will be happy. One band that the world needs to hear is THE WHOREHOUSE MASSACRE and their album Altar of the Goat Skull is an undiscovered classic. This horde of slow and dirty

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Sacramento death/grind pillagers PLAGUE WIDOW have a new album coming out soon on Willowtip Records, and this gnarly thing promises to be off-the-chain brutal, so you may wanna get a taste of things to come by checking out the band on the road. Even more exciting (and scary) is that they

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