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Right now I’m in full on attack mode because I’m blasting the new VI album entitled“De Praestigiis Angelorum and I must say it’s a beast!!! These French Black Metal warlords have created a  sonic killing machine that might just behead you after the first listen. I could tell you about about the

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Unholy fuck, I really dig the tattoo work of OILBURNER!!! He combines two things that I love: SoCal Gangland graffiti and Black Metal iconography. Looking at his work almost gives me the feeling that I’m at the gates of hell itself. Within the mayhem that is his style, you will

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Chapter II: The Ritualist is Shaidar Logoth’s second release. They’re from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a state with as much frozen tundra as nearby Wisconsin. Like the title of the band’s album closer, “Realm Befitting His Majesty,” this is black metal befitting a wandering soul in search of an illustrious treasure. Said

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DÉLUGE became one of the most exciting upcoming bands in French black metal in late 2014 through the release their first EP Mélas | Khōlé. This fall they come back on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre (see our Spotlight article) with a full-length called Æther that I had the privilege to

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As a grey mist descends upon the grime-encrusted banks of the Thames, a lonely church bell tolls amongst the myriad alleyways of historical London; five figures appear out of the gloom and close in with nefarious intent. A lonesome figure waits within, silhouetted against the dim infernal light, his hands

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Light your candles, sharpen your ceremonial knives and grab a goat in preparation for a sacrifice to the Elder Ones here, people. Drouth have deemed our world worthy to partake in these profane and strangely enchanting tracks. Formerly known as Contempt, this Portland-based band have shed their previous moniker like snake

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Where once black metal only slunk around in the underground as a filthy beast, in the past decade it has become the darling of extreme metal. Countless bands forging new territory into the mists of the unholy have seen success and created many daring masterpieces, some blending black metal’s traditional

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In a week’s time, Berserktown 2015 is going to be wreaking havoc on Santa Ana, CA for three massive days of music that will make your ears bleed! There are way too many bands to name, but let’s just say the huge lineup includes black metal, punk and everything in between,

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Hello. No. Not a good day. Not a good day at all. New Dispirit tape available means must listen. Listen means must have not listened. Day turns to night. Light into devouring darkness. Life rots away, soul disintegrates… Nightmares come to life. Listening to Dispirit’s music is like dying, like

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Hey you over there, are you ready to be decapitated by diseased riffs that have been covered by every sonic virus unknown to man? If you are, then VALDUR’s new album Pathetic Scum out now via Bloody Mountain Records is just for you because it’s a non-stop unholy force of nature. CVLT Nation has

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VANUM’S album Realm of Sacrifice that is out now on Profound Lore has been getting mad praise, which it totally deserves! They just performed this record live for the first time at this year’s Dissociative Vision fest that just took place in Brooklyn. Check their stellar passionate performance below…Nuff respect

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HUMAN BODIES HUMAN BODIES HUMAN BODIES are fucking sick as the Ebola virus, and I really dig everything this band has released! They just kicked off a full USA tour, and now you can peep this unreal set that took place in Brooklyn. This show was filmed by our comrade Frank

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