August 27, 2014

Black Monolith Passenger Review

Jul 4, 2014 0 0  

Black Monolith opens like the gates of Hell. On this, their first proper release, this Oakland, CA outfit bludgeons the listener over the head following the snarling, death-like silence of ...

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CVLT Nation Streaming:
Rage Nucléaire “Annihilaton Frenzy”

Jul 3, 2014 2 0  

Black Storm of Violence is the perfect title for the soon to be released album by Rage Nucléaire. From what I can hear, this band drinks gallons of savage fury ...

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Stellar Experimental Black Metal
ATRABILLIS – Uno Review & Stream

Jul 3, 2014 0 0  

With just two songs, each yawning well past the ten-minute mark, Spanish experimental black metal outfit Atrabillis‘ newest outing Uno is a profound exploration of the murky depths other lunatics ...

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Dead Polish Autumn – An examination of recurring themes in southern Polish black metal

Jul 2, 2014 14 0  

Poland is no newcomer to extreme metal, and indeed, the country’s contributions stretch back to the genre’s nascent days in the late 80s, when death metal acts like Vader, and ...

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Brooklyn Full Set Now Showing!

Jul 2, 2014 3 0  

This is super rare and super awesome: check out CULT OF FIRE’s performance at this year’s Martyrdoom Festival. Much respect due to PITFULLOFSHIT for capturing this on point live ritual! ...

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CVLT Nation Interviews:

Jul 2, 2014 1 2  

Wolves In The Throne Room, Washington’s own all-natural Black Metaler’s, have been around the block. Twelve years as a band has sharpened Wolves In The Throne Room into a music ...

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Filth and Rawness for Days: AKATHARSIA’s Debut Demo – Review + Stream

Jul 1, 2014 2 1  

Welcome to the emaciated, corroded, rancid and consumed sonic hell of AKATHARSIA, a new but extremely obscure raw black metal/decaying punk band from the Bay Area, made up of former members of ...

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Black Metal meets Post-Punk: Hateful Abandon’s “Liars/Bastards”

Jul 1, 2014 0 0  

Bristol, England’s Hateful Abandon are probably one of the more adventurous and ambitious bands around these days. Rooted, ultimately, in the black metal scene (specifically, depressive black metal bands Abandon ...

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Black Flames March…
WATAIN Rage In Brooklyn
Now Showing!

Jul 1, 2014 0 0  

Check out 17 minutes of WATAIN’s most recent Brooklyn performance, captured by our comrade (((unARTigNYC))). ...

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Live Ritual at Brooklyn Night Bazaar 2014 Video

Jun 30, 2014 0 0  

A T.O.M.B. (Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy) set is more of a ritual act than a musical performance, so it’s more than fitting that these black noise magicians were chosen to ...

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