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On Sept. 23rd, Predatory Light will release their new self titled debut LP via Invictus Productions on CD, and will co-release the vinyl with Psychic Violence. It’s pretty unreal how this band just gets better with each release, and on the new record it’s all about the melodic chaos that pulls you

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Earlier this year, Alkerdeel released one of my favorite Black Metal records, entitled Lede (if you haven’t heard it, you should, like yesterday) that is out now on Consouling Sounds. They also performed at this year’s Roadburn, and now it’s your time to check it out! I fucking love this band,

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It was not so long ago that I was introduced to limbonic black/death metallers Howls of Ebb (HoB), with the band just a few months back releasing their The Marrow Veil EP, opening up new mystical dimensions filled with their malicious intent. The EP featured all the raw quality of

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eye of the woods
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Black metal is a genre artistically replete with a fixation on the natural world. Trees, rivers, mountains, and the moon populate album artwork. Black metal’s concern for the environment is not simply one of aesthetic appreciation; it comes bundled with a worldview that is inescapably sociopolitical – an ecofeminist perspective – despite many bands’

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One of our favorite labels, Auris Apothecary, has joined forces with Sygil Records to release the new self-titled GNAW BONE tape on Sept. 9th. Don’t even fucking try to put this band into a box, because they are just fucking rad! I know what I need, and that is to hear the full

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black earth - Diagrams of a Hidden Order - feat
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Ok, so this is the type of shit that is so out there, inverted, and senseless that – other than on these recordings – it pretty much exists only in your most lucid and fucked up nightmares. BLACK EARTH are an unbelievably disembodied and hideous experiment in aural torment that will find true

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