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When it comes to blackened noise, few bands have the power to truly unsettle you at an extremely deep level and creep you the fuck out for good. Sure, the genre is dark and claustrophobic, but we’re almost in 2014 now and it’s definitely not anything we haven’t heard before.

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Straight up and fucking all the way down, from the 1st time I heard the blackened madness of House Of Apparition I have been a fan! Now they have just released their self-titled debut album on Nerdcore Records and all I want to do is plug my skull into their

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CVLT Nation interviews Toby Driver of Kayo Dot. Pick up Hubardo here. Hubardo no matter the length, came along fast, little over a year after Gamma Knife – can you tell us why? A few reasons – firstly, the past couple of releases (Stained Glass and Gamma Knife) were relatively short,

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If you read CVLT Nation on the regular, you know that we represent the Bay Area hard. The reason why is that they have so many amazing bands, plus I used to live there so it has a special place in my black heart. Our comrade Kevin Hobbs just sent

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Thanks for checking out the latest installment in my ongoing series focused on covering the heaviest and most devastating of Bands and Artists within the Underground Music Community that travel through The Bay Area. This is a collection of footage that I’ve captured recently at shows on both sides of

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Do you like to see blood pour out of the walls of your room while you listen to metal? If that is the case, then sit down and take a minute to listen to this track from Irish black metal bruisers MALTHUSIAN, a band featuring ALTAR OF PLAGUES (RIP) drummer Johnny

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VOM FETISCH DER UNBEIRRTHEIT (VFDU) is… well, I’m not sure what exactly this band is. Their new album, titled Vertilger, is released by the Swedish Temple Of Torturous, a label that has quite a knack for finding and releasing more remote bands of the Black Metal underground. But even in

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LITANY OF REGRETS are four young dudes from Italy and they play a painful, helpless and desperate hybrid of crust, post-punk and black  metal that traces its roots back to Europe’s up and coming neo-crust movement, which is led by bands like Light Bearer, Link, Planks, and so on, and

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I have no idea what to make of this.  Like, legitimately no goddamn clue.  Albatwitch, apparently from “parts unknown,” though my guess is somewhere in backwater Pennsylvania, has totally stumped me.  Their facebook describes them as “blackened swamp crust noise drone folk,” and what the hell else could Only Dead

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There is no doubt that black metal and thrash go together splendidly, bands like Aura Noir have proved that already. So it is always nice when you suddenly come across an act such as Hexer. Hailing from Philadelphia and including members of other great bands such as Nachzehrer, One Master,

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  Droning synths, ambient field recordings, and sculpted feedback usher in Fragments Of A Fallen Star, the phenomenal second album from the as-yet criminally unknown Harrow, and they are indicative of what’s to come. This two-man black metal project from Victoria, British Columbia, draw from a much wider than usual

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DEUIL – To Die and Grieve in Belgium One of the most fascinating aspects about classic black metal has always been and will always be the hypnotic and reduced approach to writing songs. Over the years, a lot of technical bands threw in their own version of this type of

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