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If you are a reader of CVLT Nation, then you know that we are HUGE fans of The Secret. This is why we are so fucking stoked to be sharing this off the chain footage of their most recent show in Trieste, Italy. What you are about to witness is

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PTAHIL deal in some of the most disgustingly filthy black metal there is. It’s gross and weird and dirty and great and their last two releases – For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory and The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair – are enough to make you want to vomit everywhere.

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Czech based Cult Of Fire may not be the most familiar of names just yet, but मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान will surely be the album that introduces them to a wider audience. Already the band are on their second full length in as many years and already they have created the kind

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6. UNRU: Demo MMXIII It’s almost preposterous say in the first sentence of a review, but Unru have created perhaps one of my favorite releases of the year and it’s a demo. Unru hail from Germany and, like many bands of the more contemporary blackened crust movement, only reveal themselves

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6. FELL VOICES: Regnum Saturni Fell Voices return with Regnum Saturni, three years after their previous full length (untitled). The ambient black metal band, once again, does what they know how to do best, bringing forth three long tracks (shortest one is about seventeen minutes long) filled with chaos and

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Portal – Vexovoid It took me a fair few listens of this album to get even the slightest understanding of anything that was going on, but now it probably rates as one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Inaccessible is a gross understatement. Portal play impenetrable, brutal, fucking crazy

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It’s been an incredible year for music and choosing only six releases for any kind of list is a tough event. The UK has a wide-ranging amount of bands – from doom to sludge, black metal to grind and everything in between – and there’s been a lot to take

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ONE: Dopo L’Apnea by BUIOINGOLA We’ve talked about this release abundantly here, and it would be superfluous and redundant to keep bragging on about how insanely awesome this release by the young trio from Pisa is. A debut album that represents the crowning achievement in Italian underground metal in 2013, by far, without

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2013 has been a rather ridiculous year for Irish records, with a slew of releases coming out over the last 12 months that all deserve some place on this list but alas, it’s restricted to the number six. Honourable mentions must go out to debuts, full-length albums that lived up

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So here’s the deal: bored as fuck sitting at home, a few weeks ago I decided to get off my ass to go to a gritty bar in deep West Oakland to check out a young and very talented local black metal called Xenotaph, who ruled by the way. Xenotaph

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This year saw many good if not outstanding records from all over the world. Germany has been no exception. But although the records to choose from for this year’s German Top 6 are a lot, I found it really easy to pick the “winners”. Some are more obvious than others,

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A nineteen-minute long behemoth of decaying madness, Dyodyo Asema, is the bastard creation of Belgium raw sludge/black metal miscreants Alkerdeel and Dutch black metal/noise/industrial experimentalist Gnaw Their Tongues (a one-man well of madness project spearheaded by the infamous and mysterious Mories), and specifically written to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Belgian

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