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HUMAN BODIES HUMAN BODIES HUMAN BODIES are fucking sick as the Ebola virus, and I really dig everything this band has released! They just kicked off a full USA tour, and now you can peep this unreal set that took place in Brooklyn. This show was filmed by our comrade Frank

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The man known as Mories may be one of the greatest musicians on the planet. Time and again, over countless releases and through countless monikers (Gnaw Their Tongues, Seirom, Cloak of Altering, It Only Gets Worse, De Magia Verterum Aderlating, and many more) he has proven his utter mastery over

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Raw Black Metal: a form of art as tried and true as any in the extreme metal underground. Yet, it’s a style that seems lost on many in this day and age who have grown up listening to more modern interpretations of Black Metal. Where improved production values and greater

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Hyperactive Belgian musician Déhà (Wa All Die (laughing), Merda Mundi, Maladie, Alenda, Aurora Borealis, Khel etc…) comes back with a new black metal project called Sources of I, composed (except for him, obviously) of Bulgarian musicians Dragshan, Delian and Vortep. Their debut EP, Faces, is set to be released in

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Here we are again, bragging about the work of Damian Master. Will this guy ever do anything wrong? Even if you are not the biggest fan of his “purple” and sentimental and emotionally-charged post-punk/metal hybrid recently showcased in his main endeavor, A Pregnant Light, the purists of his early rawness will

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Formed in 2005, Locrian have been operating according to their own unique sonic agenda for a decade. While doom music has been trending and bands have been slowing the tempo down, Locrian have been going about their business differently but no less loudly. Their unique mash-up of genre – a

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