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Denmark’s Slaegt are set to release a new 12″ via Iron Bonehead Productions, Beautiful and Damned, on January 22nd, 2016. Today we’re stoked to be streaming the second of the four tracks this beast holds, “Alshinecheri.” You can pick up a pre-order of the record on CD or cassette here…with vinyl soon to follow!

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What do you get when two of the minds behind Bay Area doom monoliths Bog Oak and Swamp Witch get together to create a doom/death/black metal monster? You get GraveCoven, a record-only project from James Rauh (Swamp Witch) and Phillip Gallagher (Bog Oak), and a masterful piece of audio torment!

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I feel like the jackhammer of pure destruction is pressed against my head and is turned up to full blast! I’m blasting the new BLACKOSH album entitled Whores, Booze & Black Metal, and it has my whole head spinning around in a cyclone of hate. CVLT Nation has been given

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Black metal feels like an increasingly intriguing genre in 2015. The spin-offs; the cross-genre pollination; the experimentation; it all adds up to an abundance of exceptional releases and some incredibly interesting listening that often finds itself unchained from the archetypal components that have fed the genre over the past thirty

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Photos: Josh Ford Every October, as the summer sun finally recedes into its own burning torment, the shadows in Tucson, Arizona come out to play for Southwest Terror Fest. 2015 marks the festival’s fourth iteration, with last year’s third volume containing titanic sets from the likes of Sunn O))), Neurosis

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The city of Montreal has a darkness growing within in it. A ghastly, icy-cold beast that hungers to cover the land in eternal darkness. A profane, sacrilegious cabal going under the moniker Spectral Wound. In all honesty, Canada has always gotten a bad rap here in the United States. The

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