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Interview by Teddie Taylor Michigan-based Dakhma meld atmospheric black metal, crust and grindcore into a singular, natural entity. Suna Kulto, the trio’s latest EP, is an extensive, fluctuating two-song exploration of extremes rooted in contrast and abrupt disruption. By the end of the first nearly 20-minute track, you’ve experienced anguish,

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Harvest Gulgaltha‘s slow and rotten blackened death-doom is both punk as fuck as majestic as hell, mesmerizing in its simplicity but at the same time towering in its commanding dominance and undisputed majesty. Ever since encountering their I demo back in 2012, I was blown away. I was fascinated by the band’s

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I can’t remember a time when CVLT Nation did not support our comrades YOUNG AND IN THE WAY. Almost 3 years ago, they released When Life Comes To Death; and it was straight raging black death with no filler! The word in the underground is that they have wrapped up their

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First wave black metal with punk influences has seen some small explosion in underground circles. Venomwolf released Witch of the Blackest Night in 2015, and though we’re a year late for the release date, we at Cvlt Nation would like to salute their brand of music. Occasional melodic leads are

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This is the inaugural Lost Souls article for CVLT Nation, where I feature metal musicians around the world who inspire me to delve a little deeper into metal’s creative circle. Metal practitioners often start out soul-searching, looking for artistic expression to convey their deepest, darkest experiences and ideological idiosyncrasies in ways

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Light of the Morning Star are a black metal/goth rock hybrid with an occult theme from London. This is the work of a mysterious being known only as O-A. They first came on the scene with their 3-track EP from Iron Bonehead Productions known as Cemetery Glow (check out this

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