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To be filed under ‘slightly below bestial’. Whereas the bestial bands seem to exist in a world of exaggeration, that where all resemblance of form is lost behind blur, distortion and the right to push cacophony, Witchcraft Sadomizer turn it down a notch by letting our sense of appreciation get

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The Bay Area’s BOTANIST are a Black Metal band that has never been afraid to take chances. They have always created music that was challenging and true to themselves. Check out this awesome footage of them performing in London, captured by our comrades Riff Underground.      

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Photos by Charles Nickles The third installment of Shadow Woods Metal Fest, aka sleepaway camp for metal heads, is in the books. You know what it is. Unfortunately for you, me, planet earth et al., what I didn’t realize when I wrote that outstanding preview piece was that this year’s installment

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On Oct. 27th, a game-changing LP is going to be released by CURSED MOON via Hells Headbangers, entitled Rites of Darkness. This record is a perfect balance between Deathrock and Metal. Just imagine if Fields of the Nephilim decided to start a band with Bathory – well, the outcome just might be CURSED MOON.

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Unholy fuck – I find it really hard not just to say that India’s Tetragrammacide has created the most brutal, mind-numbingly barbaric LP of 2017, and it’s entitled Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix. This band sounds like no other, and if you have heard them then you know exactly where I

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Verge is a black metal band that has been around since 2004 and their new album, The Process of Self-Becoming, is their third full-length album so far.  This release marks the first time I have heard of the band or heard their music. When utilizing fast tempos, they utilize a circa

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