August 28, 2014

Supermoon Sea Cave Ritual Featuring Bädr Vogu, Folivore, Fórn & Akatharsia

Aug 14, 2014 38 205  

On 8/10/14 in San Francisco (((California))), deep within a haunted cave an evening of cataclysmic doom occurred… Imagine being lead down a pitch black sandy cave, with an unrelenting thunderous ...

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Funeral Chic s/t

Aug 1, 2014 1 6  

Funeral Chic are among a spring of blackened punk bands, splintering and reshaping black metal’s more caustic sounds into the tangible furor of hardcore and crust punk. Funeral Chic’s brand ...

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The Process of Self Immolation

Jul 29, 2014 0 9  

Alraune already had a good head of steam when they released their highly acclaimed self-titled demo, which fairly quickly secured them a coveted Profound Lore full length album deal.  The ...

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Most Savage!
Split You Will Hear Today…

Jul 25, 2014 0 14  

You are about to hear a split that will make you want to spit in the face of all authority and gauge out the eyes of corrupt politicians! WOES, from ...

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La Naturaleza De La Bestia 7″​/​CS
Review-Stream-Tour News

Jul 24, 2014 0 10  

I don’t speak Spanish. This band is from Panama. The primary language in Panama is Spanish, a language I do not speak; therefore, I don’t know what the hell is ...

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Inhuman Heaviness: FÓRN
The Departure of Consciousness
Review + Stream

Jul 23, 2014 4 17  

I can totally see why a band like Fórn have made such a name for themselves and seem to be on a vertical climb in the last year or so. ...

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666% Pure Black Metal-Punk!
Streaming Now

Jul 17, 2014 7 20  

What has been on repeat in CVLT Nation HQ lately? Some maggot-filled, rotting Black Metal with Punk Rock vultures feeding off it. I can not get enough of Black Apparition, ...

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All Out Sonic Savagery!
CVLT Nation Streaming:
SANGUS “Live To Kill”

Jul 7, 2014 1 4  

Unholy pure death…excuse me as I inject the black flames of the underworld into my ears! Actually, all I have to do is blast the new SANGUS song “Live To ...

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Filth and Rawness for Days: AKATHARSIA’s Debut Demo – Review + Stream

Jul 1, 2014 2 5  

Welcome to the emaciated, corroded, rancid and consumed sonic hell of AKATHARSIA, a new but extremely obscure raw black metal/decaying punk band from the Bay Area, made up of former members of ...

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Pain and Suffering Headed Your Way: PLAGUE WIDOW Tour Announcement!

Jun 26, 2014 1 6  

Sacramento death/grind pillagers PLAGUE WIDOW have a new album coming out soon on Willowtip Records, and this gnarly thing promises to be off-the-chain brutal, so you may wanna get a ...

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