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Let DEATHRITE show you the way “Into Extinction” – needless to say, we at CVLT Nation and everybody else who has at least a minimum of love for the extreme side of music are more than excited for this release. “Into Extinction” is the first full-length record by DEATHRITE from

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That’s right, what we have here is yet another hardcore punk album that took a bit (about a year to be precise) to slither to the surface and land in our hands from the excruciating shadows it was birthed in, but its power and sheer force are just too grand

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This is just fucking unreal: The Secret, Deafheaven and Hexis all filmed in Hi-def. All three bands fucking destroyed Denmark so check out their raging full sets NOW! The Secret

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This split comprises the best material either band has put forth thus far. Period. Two examples of monstrous, pristine blends of punk and metal wreak havoc on this split. Withdrawal roar under the Holy Terror banner, spewing their thrash-laden hardcore with chilling malcontent. Charlotte’s Young and in the Way succeed

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Since Day One of CVLT Nation, I have been blown away by the talent of so many young bands coming out today. Some of these have stood out to me from the first second I heard their music, and Young and in the Way is one of these bands! So

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As is the tradition of old school, basement black metal tapes, the self titled Quincunx tape is gritty and shitty in the best possible ways. With songs ranging from the fast paced kick in the teeth of Gasoline Punishment to slower and crustier Death’s Head Lifestyle. With howling distortion heavy

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Deathcrust Apocalyspe Vol.I
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What happens when one of our insane readers creates a sick mix tape? We post it! Patrick from CRYPTICUS compiled a bonkers tape in DEATHCRUST Apocalypse Vol. I for all of us – have a listen below and download that motherfucker asap!

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Agnus Dei, The Secret’s fourth and most recent record was released this past October and has received a welcome reception. As musicians what did you set out to accomplish with Agnus Dei? It’s a kind of standard answer but we mainly tried to write an album that was better and

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Ramlord give a harsh soundscape of the everyday sounds of a bitter life. All arranged into a hundred different rhythms. Cynical and sardonic they deliver the ugliness of life, with subjects from a lifeless old age, blind acceptance and the monotony of modern life. A growling sore throat soars above

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It’s almost preposterous say in the first sentence of a review, but Unru have created perhaps one of my favorite releases of the year and it’s a demo. Unru hail from Germany and, like many bands of the more contemporary blackened crust movement, only reveal themselves through veiled mystique and

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Indiana’s Kata Sarka come out in full force with their new release Crucible of Misanthropy. Four spears of unrelenting expedient and angry thrash metal with a hint of crust searing into your skin with a bludgeoning attack. From start to finish Kata Sarka assault with flying metal guitar riffage and

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What happens when two feral sonic wolves end up making a split 7″ together? The final result is 15 minutes of audio rage that can’t be fucking held back and might just rip your eardrums out. Withdrawal and Young And In The Way have united to create a record, and

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