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Right now my brain is caught in a tornado of barbaric riffs and filthy vocals! I’m listening to the the new WOLVEFROST demo and it way fucking more than just kicks ass, it’s a death blow to all of the weak hearts of the world. This Seattle band has created

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Welcome to Bay Area, where the sun shines and destruction crawls, endlessly. Lurking somewhere in the East Bay, the mysterious black metal horde known as XENOTAPH have managed to craft a demo so grand and timeless that it’s almost impossible to believe it’s the work of four young dudes hailing

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Arnaut Pavle come crawling out of the frozen northern wastes of Finland to encapsulate everything great about raw old school black metal. Named for a legendary eighteenth century Serbian ‘vampire’ supposedly responsible for a plague of mysterious deaths that decimated his village, Arnaut Pavle sound like exactly that. No modern

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A “punk” band…. Suuuuuuuuuure. TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO (literally “all shades of darkness”) from Torino (Turin, in north-western Italy) simply call them selves a “punk band”, but then you play their debut demo – Demo 2013 – and this ferocious hardcore/powerviolence monster proceeds to immediately try and rip your fucking

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I don’t recall feeling so lost and alone and surrounded by sorrow and desolation as much as I do when listening to Dopo L’Apnea, the debut self-released album of Italian apocalyptic crust band BUIOINGOLA. This album is massive and grand in so many ways, but that’s not exactly the description we’re going

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Meet ORHORHO the new frightening brainchild of Michele Ferretti, the singer and guitarist of Italian atmospheric black metal trio GOTTESMORDER. Why do you need to familiarize with the music of ORHORHO? Well first off because this necrotic and plague-infested slab of crusty black metal is just simply awesome and memorable, and

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