August 29, 2014

CVLT Nation Top 13 Albums 2011
#7 God Is War

Dec 13, 2011 1 0  

Battle lines have been drawn are you ready for war? Well, you better fucking get ready because the new ALL PIGS MUST DIE album is an all-out death match entitled ...

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Shadows: Atriarch Live

Dec 12, 2011 0 0  

It’s fitting that Atriarch did one last short tour before the year is over. It was almost like a victory lap for the band as they have been collecting accolades ...

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CVLT Nation
Top 6 Splits of 2011

Dec 12, 2011 1 1  

Here is the question: do you enjoy epic awesome hellbent blackened crust that could burn off the wings of an angel? If the answer is yes, then you must seek ...

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CVLT Nation Top 13 Albums
# 11 “V” Eternal Depression
Young and In The Way

Dec 9, 2011 0 0  

Growth is such an awesome thing to witness, but with music, not only do you see it, you hear it as well. This is the case with North Carlolina’s Young ...

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Wölfe I

Dec 8, 2011 3 0  

I’m spazzing out and I don’t give a fuck, because right now I’m being injected with the pure fury of rawness! The self-released tape by Australia’s Wölfe is an all-out ...

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CVLT Nation Top 13 Albums

Dec 7, 2011 0 0  

Haunted riffs, haunted beats, haunted sounds coming from the minds of the undead, named Sessoviolento. Unholy fuck, this Italian/Brazilian blackened crust band conjures up the kind of audio filth I ...

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Spill Over…

Dec 2, 2011 0 0  

Kill kill kill, seek and destroy…SKVLT’s new demo is one huge blackened crust burger! This Massachusetts wild bunch of noise-making animals have knocked out a five-song demo that attacks you ...

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There is No Cure…

Nov 29, 2011 0 3  

I despise warmongers, I despise dream killers, I despise the killers of the poor, and for these reasons I have always been into music that takes a stand against the ...

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Video “In Death”
Now Showing!

Nov 29, 2011 2 6  

My eyes are bleeding black and my breath has the stench of decay…I have just watched the new video, “In Death,” from Los Angeles blackened hell spawn Harassor. When I ...

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Midnight Tribes Unite…
Shocks Japan Now Showing!

Nov 25, 2011 1 0  

Unholy fuck, Texas’ Wild/Tribe are killer electric dis-beat in 3D, and their brand of chaos has the power to shock the world! Check out this video footage of them straight ...

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