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How long did it take for me to realize that We Are The Damned are fucking beyond electric? Maybe two seconds after pressing play! Last year, they unleashed the beast with the their album Holy Beast on Bastardized Recordings. I’m so fucking impressed with this band, it’s hard to say,

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Drowning The Light have finally learnt how to breathe. Oceans Of Eternity, the twelfth offering from this prolific Sydney-based black metal outfit, was released as 2011 drew to a close. Considering this is the eleventh album from Azgorh, the founder and only main constant behind this project, since 2007 —

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Minneapolis based label Profane Existence came into being during the late 80’s. Comprising of a print (and now also an online) publication, distro and sweet as heck label, the collective’s mission was, and still is, as simple as this – to make “…punk a threat again.” It’s probably best to

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If you check out CVLT Nation on the regular, than you know that we totally dig ALPINIST & MASAKARI. Last year, these two bands unified to create what we thought was the spilt of the year, plus they did a nation-wide tour together. When I think of these bands, not

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Hey hater, come a little closer so I can pour my rancid bile down your throat – no, that would be too kind. Better yet, I’ll call in the Brazilian death squad, Sesso Violento, to do some damage to your thick skull. These blackened punk hellions killed shit last year

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You there. I see it in your face. In the shitty cutup Voivod tank and throwback hightops you’re rocking. You’re sick of all the lullaby post metal, the dudes with pseudonyms running around forests, the endlessly microscopic labeling and infinite subcategorization, aren’t you? What you want need is a heaping,

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Black storm clouds of death are gathering over the graveyard, as the hands of the undead pierce the hateful soil. To me, this is the environment in which HEXIS, an awesome blackened hardcore band, thrives. These Danish hellions are set to release a killer debut album, XI, which will be

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“We seek to commune with the utterly Satanic forces of Chaos…” – Nihilifier, Erebus Enthroned. Erebus Enthroned have wisdom far beyond their years. Although their first formation stems back as far as 2006, this Australian outfit did not achieve a creative – or spiritual – consensus until two years ago.

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Drowning in a sea of reverb, the first track from doctorshopper’s debut full length release hits hard. Massive in tone and heavy in weight, “Degeneration” is a slow, swirling descent into a world created by this group of artists from the south of LA. There’s not much that can be

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I demand some ice-cold blackened rawness in my life, so that I can face the mindless masses of the world and stay sane. What I am blasting through my speakers right now that has my blood boiling is Brazil’s The Black Coffins. Unholy fuck, this band’s 5 song EP, Burial

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Are you ready for 13:30 minutes of blood, sonic walls of rawness, and raging waterfalls of crustified fury? If you are, Sweden’s Age of Woe is the band for you. On their 2011 self-titled 7″, out now via Addiction To War Records, they give audio greatness a new death mask.

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If you don’t know, now you know – one of the bands that inspire what we do at CVLT Nation is All Pigs Must Die. I feel damn lucky that I got a chance to see them live at The Power of the Riff, where they totally fucking wrecked shop.

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