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Richmond’s Occultist has changed a bit since their last release, Hell by Our Hands. The one difference is they have gotten heavier. It is quite a noticeable difference as they jam pack their new album, Death Sigils, with such unrelenting anger that gives very little room to breathe, and, with

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Unholy fuck! The new FIFTEEN DEAD video for their song “ANTI-THEIST” is pure blackened fire. I have so much respect for this band, who are really doing things on their own terms and making it work! I just found out that they will be touring Australia with WÖLFE next year,

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SICK SICK SICK! The Secret new video for “May God Damn All Of Us,” directed/edited by Rasmus G. Sejersen, is pure blackened FIRE! You should know that CVLT Nation are huge fans of The Secret and their new album Agnus Dei is ranked high on our list of crushing albums.

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San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland… Grind! Are you fucking kidding me? Can you possibly go wrong? A grindcore band from Oakland that fattens everything up by adding to their razorwire crust-grind assault elements of sludge and doom in the vein of  Corrupted? I don’t think so! Augurs are a slimy,

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windmill of corpses demo-2
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Hello there Arizona! Sunny, warm… and it appears, really fucking pissed too! From the sunny and usually less musically roudy Grand Canyon State hail infact an extremely crusty, violent, confrontational and wacked out hardcore punk band with a super cool name, Windmill of Corpses! These young lads from Northern Arizona

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Let DEATHRITE show you the way “Into Extinction” – needless to say, we at CVLT Nation and everybody else who has at least a minimum of love for the extreme side of music are more than excited for this release. “Into Extinction” is the first full-length record by DEATHRITE from

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