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ECOCIDE’s new album When will It End, released on Tofu Carnage on February 1st, is a perfect cryptic sonic painting. The band is calling it quits, but are leaving the world an audio wake up call that we all had better take heed to. It’s way more than an honor

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Last year our comrades in heavy Southern Lord joined forces with Scion AV and held an unreal showcase featuring Martyrdod, Black Breath, Burning Love, Pelican and Enabler. Not only was some superdelic live footage taken, some interesting interviews were also created. What I dig about these conversations is that you

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If you’re into the brutal and dark side of hardcore and you still haven’t heard of U.K’s Black Mass then you are clearly missing it big time… Black Mass have been around since 2010 and have at this point released a Demo, an EP and a Split release with Host.

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6.Mortuous Demo Mortuous, one of the best Death Metal bands in California, just finished recording their newest demo and it sounds great. While the first demo released in 2010 was solely Colin Tarvin, now, two years later, this demo contains the solidified line-up that is currently crushing every show they

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By Michele Giorgi 6. Hall Of Mirrors: Altered Nights Hall Of Mirrors are Andrea Marutti (Amon) and Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh). These sound artists have been active for twenty years by now as preeminent names inside the dark ambient and noise scenes. Altered Nights was released by Malignant Records, a long

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6. Møllehøj Møllehøj is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Christensen, whose Danish roots inspired the project’s name. Raw and emotive in nature, she draws inspiration from her close ties with the wilderness, channeling its energy into existential monuments of sonic fury. The 42-minute demo balances the line between hypnotic, traditional

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