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CVLT Nation Streaming:
DEATHRITE “Into Extinction”

Let DEATHRITE show you the way “Into Extinction” – needless to say, we at CVLT Nation and everybody else who has at least a minimum of love for the extreme side of music are more than excited for this release. “Into Extinction” is the first full-length record by DEATHRITE from Germany and undoubtedly one of the most severe, filthiest records you’ve ever heard. CVLT Nation is more than pleased to present you an exclusive stream of the entire record – witness the unbridled brutality of “Into Extinction” yourself and better seek shelter from the merciless riff bombardment and the lethal aggression brought on by this blast-beating fury. DEATHRITE provide the soundtrack to the ongoing downfall of this planet – tune in and welcome the final termination…Pre-order “Into Extinction” from PER KORO RECORDS HERE!



Get Clobbered:
The Frightening First Encounter With Black Code’s
“Hanged, Drawn and Quartered” – Review + Stream

That’s right, what we have here is yet another hardcore punk album that took a bit (about a year to be precise) to slither to the surface and land in our hands from the excruciating shadows it was birthed in, but its power and sheer force are just too grand for it to lurk in the unknown forever. What landed on our desk is in fact yet another extremely confrontational hardcore album, a voice that ruptured from the gutter of the uttermost underground with the sole intent of being heard loud and clear and to wreck complete havoc on our sorry and unexpecting ears.


Black Code is a french d-beat/crust/death n’ roll band from Besancon, and their debut album (appropriately titled “Hanged, Drawn and Quartered“), once again completely self-released, is so explosive and bile-drenched that from the first seconds of the opening track, “Death Patrol,” shit starts hitting the fan with such intensity that it feels like the god of all shit storms itself has decided to plunge from the sky and crash on our sorry skulls. There is not one corner of this beastly hardcore album that isn’t super-charged and fully injected with unstoppable fucking mayhem. Seriously, every nook and cranny of this thing is so stuffed with spite and rage that no room is really left for anything else besides uncontrollable destruction.

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Young and in the Way Split
Review + Stream

ywsplitThis split comprises the best material either band has put forth thus far. Period. Two examples of monstrous, pristine blends of punk and metal wreak havoc on this split. Withdrawal roar under the Holy Terror banner, spewing their thrash-laden hardcore with chilling malcontent. Charlotte’s Young and in the Way succeed at breaking your ear-drumheads with their grim blitzkrieg-marriage of crust and black metal. Their split is all indulgence, one of those wholesome sacrificial offerings that begs to simply be raged to.

Young and in the Way‘s contribution brings us two tracks, the first of which being the assault called “Psychopathy.” Much blacker than past material, “Psychopathy” is a song that makes bounds in showcasing Young and in the Way’s mastery of their craft. The spells and smells of rotten cowheads have summoned, successfully, into this world, one of the band’s best tracks to date. The riffs sweep like winds over barren snow drifts, Nordic ice chipping-off as the chords are ran blood bare. “Psychopathy” snarls its malevolence, a berserk creature, focused on the blast-beat blizzard at hand. “Vaticide” opens like scream translated into music, surrounding the listener, consuming them and carrying them on rising church fires. Young and in the Way amazes in the capturing of their roots; “Vaticide” has horns that gleam in candlelight and is dirtier than late January sleet. Of greatest substance is that this split continues the band’s recent tradition of upping their own ante.

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Young and in the Way signs to Deathwish!

Since Day One of CVLT Nation, I have been blown away by the talent of so many young bands coming out today. Some of these have stood out to me from the first second I heard their music, and Young and in the Way is one of these bands! So I can’t tell you how happy I was when I found out that YAITW’s upcoming full length When Life Comes to Death is going to be released on Deathwish Inc.! These blackened crust warriors have worked hard to create and share sick fucking music with the world, so it’s perfect to see them getting the recognition they deserve. Stay tuned for more from YAITW and CVLT Nation soon…


QUINCUNX – Quincunx Review

As is the tradition of old school, basement black metal tapes, the self titled Quincunx tape is gritty and shitty in the best possible ways.

With songs ranging from the fast paced kick in the teeth of Gasoline Punishment to slower and crustier Death’s Head Lifestyle. With howling distortion heavy vocals and not a single fuck being given when it comes to the rest of the instruments, you can really tell that meeting Quincunx in a dark alley could very possibly be more than a little terrifying.


Check out their track Commit to Black:

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Die Mofos!…
Deathcrust Apocalypse Vol. I
Free Download + Stream

What happens when one of our insane readers creates a sick mix tape? We post it! Patrick from CRYPTICUS compiled a bonkers tape in DEATHCRUST Apocalypse Vol. I for all of us – have a listen below and download that motherfucker asap!

Deathcrust Apocalyspe Vol.I

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CVLT Nation Interviews:

Agnus Dei, The Secret’s fourth and most recent record was released this past October and has received a welcome reception. As musicians what did you set out to accomplish with Agnus Dei?

It’s a kind of standard answer but we mainly tried to write an album that was better and more complete than the previous one. “Solve et Coagula” has been a turning point for our band, it gave us the chance to play more shows and with a lot of great bands. Playing live gave us more self-awareness as musicians and taught us a lot about ourselves and what we wanted to move towards with our new album. We didn’t want to move too far away from the approach on “Solve et Coagula” but at the same time we wanted to expand and get more control over our sound.


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Crippled Minds, Sundered Wisdom Review

Ramlord give a harsh soundscape of the everyday sounds of a bitter life. All arranged into a hundred different rhythms. Cynical and sardonic they deliver the ugliness of life, with subjects from a lifeless old age, blind acceptance and the monotony of modern life. A growling sore throat soars above the musick and delivers lines like ‘Consume hard drugs and mutilate yourself’ or more direct minimal lyrics like ‘Fuck all…pigs’.

The album opens with ‘Nihil Fucking Lifeblood’ which follows a heavy musical tradition of starting with a slow pacing melodic riff, then stopping abruptly for some real heavy chaos. The difference here is from there they go from crusty punk to blast beats to slow sludge. They have this type of unconventional song structure throughout. Lots of changes but the the songs still maintain a decent flow. I suppose if you wanted to label the band you’d use something along the lines of blackened crust. But there is a lot going on here from crusty sludge to whatever other heavy down tuned genre you can think of.

Ramlord - Crippled Minds

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Demo MMXIII Review

It’s almost preposterous say in the first sentence of a review, but Unru have created perhaps one of my favorite releases of the year and it’s a demo. Unru hail from Germany and, like many bands of the more contemporary blackened crust movement, only reveal themselves through veiled mystique and runes. But image aside, let’s talk about the powerhouse that is DEMO MMXIII.

The demo itself brings with it all of the gritty qualities one would expect to be associated with a demo: low production, cymbals crashing and creating waves of non-sound, guitars that are seemingly lost in the mix, however none of this is a slight against Unru in the least bit and if anything, it really drives the point home. Four interlude tracks I-V serve as moments of atmosphere for the album, giving the listener breaks in-between the absolute onslaught that is DEMO MMXIII. I think what strikes me the most about Unru is the ridiculous vocal sound because I’ve never quite heard anything like it; the vocalist creates something so animalistic and sinister that it’s actually quite exciting to hear from track to track. Similarly, I felt as though the drums throughout most of the tracks held a particular antagonistic relationship with the guitar, much to each instrument’s benefit.


Throughout the album, it becomes evident that Unru have a single idea in mind and execute it to the best of the ability. Unru avoid some of the more typical conventions of blackened crust (or d-beat) such as alluring listeners with enigmatic aesthetic and instead give them exactly what they’ve been looking for without the bullshit. Tracks such as “Es schiebt sich zwischen uns, wie Schatten” and “Ich bin der Hexenmeister” showcase their ability to avoid cliche in lieu of a distinctly primitive, chaotic burst of music.

Pick up what is one of my favorite demo releases of the year right here.



“Crucible of Misanthropy”

Indiana’s Kata Sarka come out in full force with their new release Crucible of Misanthropy. Four spears of unrelenting expedient and angry thrash metal with a hint of crust searing into your skin with a bludgeoning attack.

From start to finish Kata Sarka assault with flying metal guitar riffage and pummeling drums creating the feeling of being lost and disoriented. Switching between a gargled guttural yell and howling scream, the vocals soar past like an angry wind. The band seem to go from one pummeling riff to the next, throwing in guitar solos only to heighten the anxiety, then blasting back into the relentless abuse. The music accompanies the themes brought in by the lyrics of anger with society and the normal state of affairs.


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CVLT Nation Streaming
Withdrawal // YAITW 7″ Split

What happens when two feral sonic wolves end up making a split 7″ together? The final result is 15 minutes of audio rage that can’t be fucking held back and might just rip your eardrums out. Withdrawal and Young And In The Way have united to create a record, and when you hear it, unholy energy will overtake your being. Our comrades A389 Recordings will be releasing this toxic piece of vinyl on the world any day now, and you can pre-order HERE in the meantime. CVLT Nation is ultra stoked to be streaming Withdrawal and Young And In The Way’s split in full below!


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Young And In The Way:

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CVLT Nation Streaming
“Son of the New Faith”

One of the first international bands that we ever featured on this zine was Italy’s HIEROPHANT. They blew my mind then with their vicious, raging form of music, and now they are about to rip the faces off of the gods with their new album Great Mother Holy Monster for Bridge NINE Records( pre-order HERE!) that comes out on March 26th. I have had this record on repeat because it really fucking crushes, but it’s the insane breakdowns that get me ultra hyped! CVLT Nation has the honor of streaming “Son of the New Faith” below…It would be sick to see them live this year stateside – I hear they are amazing live!

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CVLT Nation

More Chaos! More Fury! More Rancid Riffs! only begins to tell you how CVLT Nation’s Blackened Everything Vol. IX is going to get you hyped enough to kick down walls! Being that this volume is in celebration of our 2nd Anniversary, we wanted to make this one the heaviest ever, and I have a feeling we hit the mark. In addition to fucking brutal songs from some of our favorite blackened bands, Blackened Everything Vol. IX has unreleased music from Barghest and Witch in Her Tomb which only adds another level of sonic torment to it. Fuck all of the talking, follow the links below and blast this motherfucker so loud that the dead wake up and start head banging!!!

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CVLT Nation
2nd Anniversary
Tickets Pre-sale Up Now!

The pre-sale tickets are up now on the UNIT B facebook for the CVLT Nation 2nd Anniversary on April 26th! Save yourself a coupla bucks by picking your ticket up now for what is definitely going to be one of the shows of the year! You can’t get any better than The Infamous…Gehenna, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Youth Code, Children of God, Stoic Violence and Whip Hand at the Unit B skatepark/art/show space in Santa Ana, CA. We are super stoked to say the least, and so happy to be working with Crash the Clubs and LACE Pickups! Stay tuned for some awesome features coming up in the next couple of months and remember to pick up your tickets before the show!


Exclusive Profane//CVLT
Despise Interview

DESPISE are a four piece punk/crust/metal unit from the depths of the Minneapolis underground. Their 7″ release is a line of single’s being released by Profane Existence this year.

Interview by Andy (Leffer) of War//Plague


Let’s get this party started. First off…like most all interviews let’s start with who you are, what you do and what DESPISE is up to? What does the future hold after this PE single release? Also, expand on some each of your backgrounds, and what you were involved with prior to the band.

I’m Hannah, I do vocals and write the lyrics. I moved to Minneapolis from Chicago in 2010. I played bass and did vocals in Securicor from Chicago, and also vocals in Krang.

Zach: Hopefully we can put out some full length records seeing as we have a lot of material. As for before despise. I started going to shows at age 13 or 14. Played in a band called EZ Bleeders. We were rock/metal/funk/punk so everyone hated us but we just wanted to play. Grew up in uptown Mpls around a lot of older punks.

Hi. My name is Mike. I play bass real loud. Moved to Minneapolis in 2009. It’s rad here.

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Blackened D-Beat Attack..

Hailing from Singapore comes the Blackened D-Beat Attack BLOOD DIVISON (feat. Ex-members of IMPIETY and current members of ABSENCE OF THE SACRED, DRACONIS INFERNUM, HELVETTE) and here is their most recent EP entitled “Nercrordnance”. A heavy, punishing dose of Blackened Thrash Metal/Blackened D-Beat summed up into this 4 track release.

There is definitely a heavy lean on the Black Metal emphasis with this band but the D-Beat and punk aspect of it is still very much apparent. Although I’m used to it being flip-flopped with the punk emphasis being the more noticeable I still really enjoy the take that they have on their music here.. rest assured there’s some quality material here. I definitely hear all kinds of influences from all over the place on this thing but put together very nicely to have a unique sound all of its own. There’s the hints of SODOM, AURA NOIR, IMPALED NAZARENE, even some “Carnage in Worlds Beyond” era ENTHRONED influence for the black metal aspect. Then there’s the punk side where there’s just total D-Beat goodness. The first track is definitely the punk-esque jammer, and the rest of the tracks are primarily Black/Thrash in nature.

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cover whorls

CVLT Nation Streaming
WHORLS “Lvmen Natvrae”

I feel like sticking you in the eyeballs with rusty nails coated in acid! Fuck that, I will just give you some sonic pain that you are going to love by blasting the new WHORLS song “Lvmen Natvrae.” This is the title track for WHORLS’ new 7″ that is being released by Maniyax Records and Boue Records (Pre-Order HERE!). We are happy with rage to be streaming this 7-minute piece of angst below…Hail WHORLS for creating glorious chaos!

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cover whorls

Church Whip –
“Psychedelic Nightmare” Review

When I’d heard that Merchandise’s vocalist was a part of a black metal / d-beat outfit my interest was immediately piqued. I’d seen Merchandise in a Bloomington, Indiana basement not too long ago and they had left a fairly positive impression with their Echo and the Bunnymen meets The Smiths sound. Church Whip are entirely the opposite, but in many ways left a similar impression as they are both strikingly concise in their songwriting ability and equally as catchy.

Black metal purists will be immediately skeptical of Church Whip. It goes without saying that these Floridians will be thrown into the “hipster” black metal pile with little or no second thought. However, their simple genre-bending approach to black metal begs to be acknowledged. As both a young band and as a band with no “reputation” beyond their other projects (Merchandise, Cult Ritual, Divisions, Neon Blud, etc) Church Whip openly embrace black metal tropes, especially the vocal style and simple but methodical riffing of second-wave black metal acts such as Darkthrone and at times, Immortal.

CW_LP-Front Cover

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