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Crippled Voodoo: ORHORHO – Debut Demo Review + Stream

Meet ORHORHO the new frightening brainchild of Michele Ferretti, the singer and guitarist of Italian atmospheric black metal trio GOTTESMORDER. Why do you need to familiarize with the music of ORHORHO? Well first off because this necrotic and plague-infested slab of crusty black metal is just simply awesome and memorable, and second – and most importantly – because it is an enormous sonic middle finger pointed straight in the face of pretty much anything that exists, even of black metal itself. In fact Michele has explained to us that the name “Orhorho” is the name of an ancient African princess and that the music of this new project of his digs deep in the ancient traditions of African magick and occultism, something that black metal has probably never before even dreamed of venturing into.

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Heavy Night In Oaktown:
Abstracter, Rolling Through The Universe, Ninth Moon Black, Embers
Full Sets Now Showing!

If you read CVLT Nation on the regular, you know that we represent the Bay Area hard. The reason why is that they have so many amazing bands, plus I used to live there so it has a special place in my black heart. Our comrade Kevin Hobbs just sent CVLT Nation some insane live footage featuring Abstracter (who are out of this fucking world good!), Rolling Through The Universe (PDX), Ninth Moon Black (Eugene, OR) and Embers. This all took place at RCA/Hot Mess on 10/18/2013. After watching all of these full sets, I think you will feel like I do and wish you were there in person, because this line up was unreal! The word on the street is that the event was put together by Steve & Timm from Embers – good job!

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Black Leather Hounds Review + Stream

New Jersey hellraisers Razorheads sail in on a burst of feedback and get straight to work doling out some rough-as-guts corrosive hardcore that is also insanely catchy. Classic rock riffs and eighties metal swagger are not so much heard as felt through all the chaos that is Black Leather Hounds, whose title perfectly encapsulates Razorheads’ latent cock rock tendencies lurking beneath their ferocious canine snarl. Now you’re not gonna hear any wailing falsetto or hair metal hooks in this slab of noise – if anything, Razorheads’ singer has perfected the art of vocalizing destruction, spewing guttural noise at a pitch that blends almost perfectly with the wall of distortion issuing from the guitarists’ amps – but there are some definite stadium rock stylings buried under all the hardcore raging. Dive bombs abound in the muck as well as the occasional burst of ripping old school shred complete with copious abuse of the whammy bar.


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The Embrace of Ruin: Litany of Regrets
Demo MMXIII Review + Stream

LITANY OF REGRETS are four young dudes from Italy and they play a painful, helpless and desperate hybrid of crust, post-punk and black  metal that traces its roots back to Europe’s up and coming neo-crust movement, which is led by bands like Light Bearer, Link, Planks, and so on, and also leads back to the band’s most immediate origins, those embodied by GOTTESMORDER, the much more well known atmospheric black metal band in which guitarist Matteo usually plays bass.

That said, even though you may know already exactly what to expect, also rest assured that there are moments in this demo that are harder to pin down, that are just borderline annihilating, and  that will leave you wondering what the hell on earth could have ever made these guys so fucking desperate and withdrawn into their hideous hole of bleak and tortured musical neglect.

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CVLT Nation Exclusive Streaming
2 New Police Bastard Tracks

CVLT Nation is stoked to have an exclusive stream of two track’s ‘Curse of The Cross’ and ‘Sick Sick System’ off Police Bastard‘s new album ‘Confined’. Which is released on Iron Man Records on Nov 23rd 2013. Starting out in 1993, Police Bastard are pretty infamous at this stage. So no need for any introductions with band member links to Doom, Sore Throat, Filthkick, Sensa Yuma etc. Their new album ‘Confined’ sticks to their cynical view of the world mixed with innovative guitar textures and driving industrial intensity. Thought provoking monologue’s and confrontational lyrics bring you on a cold doom-laden journey of perpetual war, psychological mind control, disillusionment and omnipresent bullshit. For a band that has been knocking about on and off for twenty years they could be forgiven for reverting to the formulaic. However they rethink and deliver a furious maelstrom of complex dark hardcore, best served cold.


Hoax – Hoax Album
Review.Footage.Free Download.

Strung out clouds of distortion permeate the record and give it a filthy, Hellhammeresque, quality that I’ve yet to hear from the world of punk. From the violent phlegm filled coughs and industrial churning of the intro, listeners are given fair warning to the no frills and ugly sound of Hoax.

Not only are the guitars messy and scratchy, they’re also a devastating half of an equation that’s fleshed out in a thick and burly bass that gives the perfect low end to match. The guitars sizzle and snap through 12 tracks of grizzled hardcore that tends to sit in a trot and give way to thudding drums, raspy vocals, and of course the aforementioned guitars.


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8 New Deathrock and Postpunk releases you should own
by Oliver Sheppard

…or at least listen to.

There have been a lot of new dark postpunk and deathrock releases lately. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track. But here are some of the recent singles, EPs, and LPs that deserve your attention.

catholicspit1. Catholic Spit – “Catholic Spit/ Generacion Suicida Split 7 Inch” (MMM Discos)

Like their fellow deathrockers in Fangs on Fur and Christ vs Warhol — two bands that, like Catholic Spit, are from Southern California — Catholic Spit inject their take on deathrock with a fiery punk sensibility and energy. This 6 person (!) band has been fairly prolific compared to other bands in the genre. (The most prolific band has to be Blue Cross, who have released 3 LPs in just over two years.) Catholic Spit’s 7-song Pact with the Devil LP was released in late 2012 and was followed only a few months later with the uptempo “I’m Your God Now” 2-song 7″. And now comes this split, which you can stream for free at the band’s Bandcamp page. Ericka’s vocals shriek — in a good way — through watery, flangey guitars (think John McGeoch), backed up by Nick Townsend’s andrenalized, uptempo punk-style drumming and Kaleb’s rock solid bass. (Townsend also did the band’s recordings for this release.)

The Catholic Spit contribution to the split can be heard at this Youtube video below.

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Nuke Cult: Join Or Don’t

“The Nuke Cult is a vicious gang of criminals. Most members are hooked on the highly addictive and dangerous drug Nuke. The leader of the cult is the superbly insane and deluded Cain. Their hideout is Sludge Plant.”

That description is actually of the villains from ‘RoboCop 2′, but it more or less applies to the cretinous band of thugs responsible for this morally questionable demo tape, Join Or Don’t. Everything about this release is so perfectly apathetic and ramshackle. The production quality is so, so cheap and raw that the oh-so-familiar burst of feedback that screechingly heralds the beginning of virtually every punk/hardcore release in existence sounds closer to a fucking kazoo, and actually triggers the same reaction that burst of feedback probably did when it first snuck its way into recorded music, before years of familiarity consigned it to the friend zone. It shocks you awake and tells you that you’re about to hear something truly, disgustingly punk rock. The ensuing guitar buzzes less like a chainsaw than a circular saw accidentally left on in a garage, careening its way through whatever material happens to be lying around, driven by an impulse of purposeless destruction and absolutely no regard for its own well-being or common decency. Surprisingly, the riffs it churns out are actually catchy as hell, but think less pop song and more urinary infection.


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Drowned in Destruction:
Split Review + Stream

They did it. The Bay Area’s finest neo-crust band – Negative Standards – and Australia’s most hideous sludge doom ordeal – Whitehorse  - have come together for a release so grand, dark and fucking devastating that it almost feels like the end of the world, and the most dystopian of fates has fucking time traveled or something and come back from the future to waste us on the spot and end our sorry existence right fucking now. What we love about this split is the diversity in sounds and musical approaches it offers and how it brings together two extremely unique and quite different bands to paint a much broader and more threatening sonic picture for us to look at as a total. Both bands are unique in their own – and sometimes opposite – ways, but combined by friendship, common intents and the purest of musical visions, they have paved the way to an absolutely annihilating release that from start to finish transcends the two souls that comprise it and just goes fucking beyond, way beyond.


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The CVLT Nation Sessions
Dark Horse Video Premiere!

CVLT Nation has a few special projects in the works, and we’re calling them The CVLT Nation Sessions. We are working with some of our favorite bands to cover seminal albums in full, and although we can’t give you too many details right now, we can reveal one of the albums we are covering – Discharge’s Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing! Sydney, Australia’s DARK HORSE just submitted their original recording of “The Nightmare Continues,” and they created a rad music video to go with it! This is a sneak peek of Discharge: The CVLT Nation Sessions and a great representation of how each band is paying special tribute to the band and song with original recordings. Check it out below, and stay tuned for more news soon…

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Southwest Terror Fest 2013 Lineup Announcement!

Southwest Terror Fest 2013 is in less than a month, and the lineup is all fucking killer and no fucking filler! Four days of epic bands is what is going to whip through the Arizona desert like a massive sandstorm of awesomeness. Bands like…well, there will be so many good bands there’s no point in me naming my favorites…just check out the lineup below and stay tuned for some rad features on CVLT Nation and maybe a giveaway if you’re lucky? More info and RSVP here!


Dead to a Dying World East Coast Tour

Dead to a Dying World started an East Coast tour this past Friday, and you’ll be able to catch them at dates up and down the coast all this week! Tonight they are in Raleigh, NC before they head to NYC, so if you’re over that way and see this make sure to head out and support! They will be playing alongside Unconscious Collective on all the dates, with vocal guest Zoe Lollis from Burnt Books. Check out all the info below!

Dates & info after the jump!
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Bitches, leave.
– An interview with Boddicker… kind of…

Being that I was a male child of the 80s that grew up in relative solitude in a house that had cable (sometimes even premium channels!), when I was handed the assignment to review an EP from a band named BODDICKER, I instantly went “Wait a fucking second, Boddicker? As in Clarence “Can you fly Bobby” Boddicker? The initial and primary bad guy in motherfucking ROBOCOP?” Justifiably I was a little hesitant to believe that there were still people cool enough to even make that reference, let alone make it their band name. So I sent them an email to get some more information and confirm that it was indeed a Robocop reference. What follows is the full email, verbatim:

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Doomed in Space:
Before the Eyewall
Self Titled Album Review + Stream

A few months ago I witnessed a band swing by the Bay Area for a couple shows and their set almost forced me to my knees. I’m talking about Before The Eyewall, a spychedelic progressive doom metal band from Columbus, Ohio. The pummeling this band delivered live was both completely unexpected and massively awesome so right after witnessing their painfully crushing live performance I also decided to check out their recently self-released self-titled album, and sure enough I was not disappointed: this pup yields the force of mammoths and thrusts the energy of entire galaxies through your sorry ear ducts with colossal force. Before the Eyewall’s music is completely instrumental, and this peculiar trait of theirs makes their entire sound more like a voyage than anything else. The band can simply space out and solo and stack huge riffs upon riffs for days with out having to give any breathing room to a singer or even things out to accommodate any lyrics, and this definitely paves the way for an unusually atmospheric and introspective listening experience.

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False Philanthropy…Transient
LP Review.Footage.Stream

Billed from Portland, Oregon, grindcore quartet Transient unleash a devastating barrage of blast beats and shredding guitars. Their debut LP is nothing short of intense; fusing together the edginess of crust with grind that makes for a sound containing the energetic spryness of enthusiasm while maintaining a level of seriousness like they’re veterans of the genre.

“Bottom Feeder” and “Goad” open the album up and completely lay waste. With a crusty bassline on the latter track, Transient kicks things into gear and what comes out is a sound completely driven by speed. Krysta Martinez’s vocals are raw and unfiltered, throat-ripping at times but her coming from a metal act gives her the grounding needed to do grindcore. “Narcissus Nemesis” is where the listener can feel the might of Jesse Schriebman’s drumming. All these blast beats make for a gigantic wave of noise, culminating in a breakdown towards the end of the track before picking up speed again. Transient’s punk roots are certain; sure, there are blast beats that make their LP grindcore, but their infusing of crust punk into their grinding assault makes for something more interesting than the typical grindcore act. They have an inkling for structure instead of breaking all the conventions of it; “Antipositivism” isn’t just a fast song — it contains a lot of structure that Transient supplants with speed and intensity.


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Draped in Ruin: SVFFER
Self Titled 7″ Review + Stream

Germany keeps vomiting out one great hardcore band after another in a seemingly endless bleeding of incredible talent. The last beastly german hardcore band to hit the scene is Svffer a multidimensional hardcore affair once again blending different genres to maximize its destructive yield, but never falling short of delivering a concise, blistering and merciless “classic” hardcore assault at the same time. Svffer feature members of Alpinist and this debut opus was unleashed once again by the extremely forward thinking folks of Vendetta Records, the same folks behind staggering releases by such evolved hardcore bands like Jungbluth, Negative Standards, Children of God and the such.

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Power of the Riff 2013
Huge Photo Essay & Review

All Photos & Text by Matthew Grant Anson

The Power of the Riff, if nothing else, is an experience. It’s almost 12 hours of constant aural pummeling, the only reprieve coming in trips to the bar or time spent splayed out in the booths lining the Echo and Echoplex.

With over 20 bands playing (including the ones that played in a pre-party the prior evening), it can be a struggle differentiating the genres as your ear drums begin to cave in and your bar tab increases. Because of this, it’s hard to give a fair, objective review of each and every band because the experience of POTR is just so extreme. Freshness is a thing when confronting so many hours of music, and the feeling of excitement and apprehension before Opposition Rising was far different from the feeling of exhaustion, delirium, and the impossibly early start of a hangover that came with The Obsessed.


Still though, it would be a crime not to point out the highlights. While legacy acts like Final Conflict and From Ashes Rise were cool to see and certainly put on good shows, POTR’s strengths come in putting together a lineup that is modern and relevant. The grindy hardcore of Dead in the Dirt was crushing, the sheer heaviness of Mammoth Grinder floor shaking, and the fury and frustration of Replica authentic.
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HUGE Clearance Sale in the CVLT Nation Record Store!!!

As of right now, you can get 40 to 50% off all the records and cassettes in the CVLT Nation Record Store!!! After a year of carrying music in our store, we are shutting it down and we are clearing out all our stock at the lowest prices you will find anywhere. CVLT Nation HQ is making the big move up North, so we are taking a break from the music retail business…so check out the record store for massive deals on titles from Neurosis, Deafheaven, Kylesa, Code Orange Kids, NAILS, Cursed, Ramesses, Noothgrush and many more!! Head over to the record store, no code required!

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CVLT Nation Streaming:
Something Other Than Yourself

Vancouver, B.C. hardcore outfit Burning Ghats have employed Brad Boatright (All Pigs Must Die, Modern Life Is War) to master their new LP, Something Other Than Yourself. And, like the other releases from Audiosiege, this LP is no different in terms of the scope of heaviness. The sound that comes out is a furious mix of blackened hardcore with crust punk sentiments. Something Other Than Yourself crushes through ten tracks, laying waste to all that listen to it.

Starting off with “Cold People”, Burning Ghats employs an old school hardcore approach; the steady drumbeat meeting gruff vocals. “Hexes”, a fifty three second track, is downright mean; a blistering assault that, to put it bluntly, takes no prisoners. “Grief Ritual” is reminiscent of acts like Nails; short, intense bursts of pure aggression. Here, the group shows their grinding crust influence; blast beats and ripping guitars pepper the track. “Grief Ritual” is hard and menacing, a brutalizing twenty one seconds that rolls along like machine gun fire, tearing apart everything that stands in its way.

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