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  Here we go. That inevitable time has come when we must contemplate this new release –PISSGRAVE‘s Suicide Euphoria – brought to us by Profound Lore Records. First, the appalling cover art of this album is literally shoved down our throats in all its crude and unmistakable “honesty.” One does

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Keijo Niinimaa of Rotten Sound decided to step a bit further out of the grindcore territory with the formation of Morbid Evils. Encompassing the dirt of sludge, the weight of doom and the spirit of old school death metal, the debut album from this band, In Hate With The Burning World,

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Italian duo Hadit will give you a blackened death metal habit. Courtesy of Caligari Records, the band has just issued their second release entitled Introspective Contemplation of the Microcosmus. Right now, the record is only available for sale in cassette tape form, but all four tracks that comprise their sophomore

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CREEPING’s soon to be released album entitled Revenant has been wreaking beautiful havoc on my life for the past week! This band has been able to mix the genres of Doom, Death Metal and Black Metal into their own cosmic storm of sound that will overtake anyone that listens to

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While sweltering in the heat of the Arizonan Fourth of July festivities, bombarded by neighborhood mutants screaming while their sparklers and fire crackers refused me a peaceful afternoon, I had a chance to chat with Chase, the vocalist of Tempe’s Gatecreeper, a band who also specializes in disturbing peace –

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Starting off their career in the late ’90s as Terra Tenebrae, Soulskinner are veterans in the field, and legends in the Greek death metal scene, featuring original Thou Art Lord vocalist Gothmog, and current Thou Art Lord guitarist/keyboardist Bill Zobolas. The release of Subconscious back in 1999 (under their previous

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Raw death metal fans? Metal mavens? Jaded Deathers? I got meat care of Ascended Dead’s The Advent. Shit! This album is intense. It’s released in cassette format, so get your copy now. What the fuck are you waiting for? A review? Ok, here’s the skinny. This ain’t P. Diddy. This

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Ectovoid returns this year with new full-length release, Dark Abstraction, care of Hellthrasher Productions. The band have refocused on a new style on their latest platter, doing blackened death metal homage with catchy, groovy, shredding riffs and galloping chord transitions as the band mixes up tempos nicely. The guitars are

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Sacral Regicide, the debut offering from black metal titans Eigenlicht, was released early this May and praised by CVLT Nation shortly after. According to their Encyclopaedia Metallum page, they’ve only been a band since last year, but have lent their presence to some pretty notable live bills since and are

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Not everyone has this on VHS. So today we are sharing with you ENTOMBED – Monkey Puss live in London! BANG YOUR HEADS YOU BASTARDS!!!  

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Funeste’s debut EP was released less than two months ago, and in that time the band has received an unheard-of amount of press, via Robex Lundgren, Tape Wyrm, Forever Slain Zine, and Invisible Oranges. In fact, you may have caught wind of the Montreal duo on CVLT Nation earlier this

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Ok. So, my first reaction to hearing this record was, “What the fuck? Whooo!” and there I went, doing the kissy face while I struggled to pummel my kit along with the music. The culprit – a band called Caveman Cult and their aforementioned destructo-holocausto-blitzkrieg-fucking-musical-murder-mayhem-release, Rituals of Savagery. Is Caveman

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