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How do you feel about Death Metal that slaughters all who stands in the path of its razor-sharp riffs? The new release from House Of Atreus is coming for you and promises to leave a trail of severed heads in its wake! Iron Bonehead Productions will be unleashing their sophomore LP From the Madness

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Anyone who appreciates Demented Audio Torment is going to go ape shit for the new release from YPOKOSMOS. Iron Bonehead Productions will be unleashing their EP Secrets of the Pulse on Oct. 18th, and today we’re stoked to be sharing the full EP below. Right now you can hit play

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Woah. Blackened death metal act Apollyon just dropped the first single “Past the Reaches of the Sun” from their upcoming album ‘False Light’ and it’s a banger. Produced by Matt Roach of Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC, ‘False Light’ blends the atmosphere and melodic sensibilities of Wolves in the Throne

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Deimos Sanktuarium is the 5th release from the Swedish death metal band. Before you make any assumptions just know that Vanhelgd are NOT a “true” Swedish death metal band like Entombed or At The Gates. Instead of being another copy of these popular melodic death metal bands Vanhelgd over their

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Text & Photos by Charles Nickles Sometimes, when shit gets weird, it’s good to go the metal show. Get hot. Get deaf. Get hit. Maybe iron some of those wrinkles out of your cranium. Other times, it leaves you wholly twisted on the very nature of your personal being. And

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Anyone who appreciates some RAGING BLACK DEATH is going to fiend for the new release from VALDRIN. Blood Harvest will be unleashing their new LP Two Carrion Talismans on Sept. 28th, and today we are fucking beyond stoked to be sharing this sonic beast in full below. Pre-order Two Carrion Talismans right here, and

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