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Every year there is an album that kind of comes out of left field and grabs people by the balls, and I’m going to go ahead and say right now that Trance of Death is going to be it. Those who already know Venenum know that they put out a

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Covered previously here at Cvlt Nation, it’s that time of year again: Blood of Wolf Fest. Back for a third installation from March 24th to 26th, the rising tide that is this underground fest that takes place in Lexington, Kentucky once again boasts a strong, diverse line up some of

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Black/death metal of the downtuned variety is oh-so-fuckin* heavy. With downtuned guitars yielding unwieldy guitar riffs in impossible basso profundo fury, black/death metal bands like Altarage, Spectral Apparition and a host of others have started what is effectively a merging of tremolo riffs and near buzzsaw brutality the likes of

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Slow moving torture and suffocating riffs are just the tip of the blade when it comes to MORAST! On their soon to be released debut entitled Ancestral Void this band proves why they can’t be fucked with. This band has created a sound that is all of their own that’s vile as

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Far and away my most anticipated album of the year, Lantern are finally back with a follow up to their brilliant debut Below – an album, that, in my opinion, pretty much came out of left field and completely stole the show in 2013. Unconventional in approach and sounding much like

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In case you’ve been living outside of the solar system for some fucking reason and hadn’t already figured this one out on your own, Invictus Productions is one of the most groundbreaking labels around these days, always on the frontline when it comes to digging up insane shit lost in the underground

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