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I am always craving to discover something dark that affects me emotionally. I am always looking for a sound that has a vibe that makes me eerily intrigued with discomfort, because that is where I find comfort. I can spend hours, days in and days out, looking and looking and

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Unholy fuck – this new ANTICHRIST LP entitled Pax Moriendi is the fucking BOMB! It sounds like beautiful, slow-moving death that suffocates the listener with its rotting riffs and sonic caves of despair. At certain points, the band’s music soars to the highest heights before dragging your eardrums far below earth,

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Sometimes, you’ve just got to go to the show. Doesn’t matter how cozy your couch is, how stocked your fridge or how early your job interview is the next day. A gig is a gig is a gig and when you greet death he’s not going to ask you if

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Here is a very interesting live footage feature featuring three elite young Death Metal bands from the States. All three of them are on the verge of blowing the fuck up within the next year and they all performed together in AZ recently. The three bands are: Mortiferum, who off

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DISEMBOWEL’s new record is an unrelenting storm of decaying riffs set over the top of raging primitive death blows!!! I will not front I fucking love how putrified this band can get but it’s when they show their morbid melodic side is when I say unholy fuck this band can

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PAN.THY.MONIUM instantly came to my mind and just played on and on at my recent visit to the Upland Home. A soon as I started down the driveway, “Dawn Of Dreams” was playing in my head – which was so fitting, it was a total ground breaking album, nothing up

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