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One of the most prominent bands in the extreme doom/death scene, Mournful Congregation grabbed everyone’s attention in 1999 with the release of their debut album, Tears from a Grieving Heart. Encapsulating all the sorrow and pain of the genre, the emotive lead work, the glacial pace and the introspective perception,

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Immortal Bird from Chicago is a band very familiar to our audience. We’ve featured them several times, as we just can’t get enough of their abrasive and challenging brutal death sound. They are inimitable road dogs with a kinetic live show. Immortal Bird will continue their heedless razing of the

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OBITUARY Live: Slowly we ….arrive Obituary are touring Europe in support of their most recent, self-titled album. The night started with a whistle stop tour of late night chemists in search of migraine tablets, with eventual success. It was then time to make the journey across to Manchester from Liverpool.

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Last month, a bunch of Vancouver’s heavy music devotees from across the spectrum packed into one of our favorite venues, Antisocial Skate Shop, to witness the utter sonic destruction that is TRIUMVIR FOUL. It was the 5th edition of the A Night of Death & Doom series, and it featured

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Not trying to give a history lesson here or be an academic, because this is about some Portuguese heavy metal stuff from the 90s that I loved and I think the world should know about, instead of scraping the bottom of the plate of NWOBM or Scandinaviam Black Metal. It’s

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German one-man bestial war metal abomination CULT OF EXTINCTION have created a pestilent and apocalyptically fucking DECIMATING debut release like none other. Black Nuclear Magick Attack is hideous error of creation spawned from a place of utter wretchedness and spite. It is the sound of one man going over the edge,

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