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Check out this devastating full set of WRATHPRAYER wrecking shop at St. Vitus Bar…Nothing but respect to Frank Haung, aka PITFULLOFSHIT, for capturing this sick show!

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Fuck this shit on up! My old-school death metal month-long special is going full-steam ahead, plowing through churches like Varg got on a tractor and got tired of lighting them up. I appreciate the boos, aficionados! Ossuaire, our featured band, has nothing to do with Norway, but fuck it, I’m

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Pure Death awaits… check out this stellar footage of the mighty Mitochondrion destroying shit in France last year! If you live in the Northwest, make sure you come out to see them perform at this year’s multi-day fest The Covenant, featuring an unreal line up! [ot-video]Video Credits: another deadly event from Wolf

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The next in a line of upper-tier old-school death metal reviews for the CVLT. What we have here is a band called Atavisma and their Where Wolves Once Dwelled mini-album. Some Swedeath doom perhaps. More labels for the uninitiated. If it helps, the guitar grit is buzzsaw-riffic in the Swedeath

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In spite of the amazing split Vassafor just did with Sinistrous Diabolus, and it having been one of my favorite releases of last year, I somehow almost forgot about this new offering, a split with Temple Nightside entitled Call of the Maelstrom. I don’t know if it just snuck up

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Death – the callous inevitability that hangs over us all, loitering patiently as seven billion clocks tick away their simultaneous countdown towards one of the few true certainties that life has to offer. As the natural world embraces our inescapable journey into the realms of the exsanguinous unknown, one thing

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