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Most peeps don’t greet the early morning with some of this music. By this, I mean Hurricane Death’s first demo. Grindcore, hardcore, punk and death metal in a cage match, this demo sends the walls echoing with reverb at the end of each song. The hardcore stomp is heavy as

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Next weekend is going to be an insane one in Vancouver! On April 17th & 18th, Vancouver purveyors of all that is sonically massive, NOTHING IS HEAVY, is putting on an epic show for their 3rd anniversary. The stacked lineup features SACRIFICE, GORGUTS, ANCIIENTS, BLACK WIZARD, AUROCH, TYRANTS BLOOD, WTCHDR,

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The UK underground is a wonderful thing, a place where people come together despite geographical distance and seemingly contrasting styles, and in turn create music that speaks of the darkness of the modern age and the filth of living. For Throes, and the two behind the band, distance and contrast

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You are now tuning into a black planet called HATE! Our soundtrack for the day will be the new VORTEX OF END song “Black Blood Kapala” – make sure to remove all sharp objects from your home! Unholy fuck, this song is a blast of unbridled sonic havoc that does

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Gristnam falls in line with the type of metal you might expect to come out of New Orleans. The city has birthed tons of great metal over the years, and Gristnam finds their own influences within that legacy. Not unlike some of their neighbors, they provide a scathing commentary on

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If riffs could kill, CHURCH of DISGUST would be serial killers!!! These TX dealers of pain know how to write those tunes that get under your skin to find where all of your fears exist! CHURCH of DISGUST have a new cassette EP entitled Dread Ritual coming out in the very near

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