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Metallic hardcore has been beaten to death, with countless bands taking their own spin on the groundwork laid by acts such as Integrity and Disembodied. These outputs rarely sound unique, with riffs grafted from forebears and peers, the same old riding beat and negativity for the sake of being negative

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Collaborative works can either be a complete misfire or work against all odds, despite the stylistic differences between the artists (see last year’s Scott Walker and Sunn O))) effort, Soused). Here we have Finland’s Haapoja and Greece’s Dephosphorus together on what the promo touts as a collaboration, both in function

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Speed, Filth, Sonic Disease, Impure Thoughts of Homicide, Destruction of Everything Around Us, No Hope, Heavy Music With No Laws…These the things you are about to come in contact with in the form of the new Jesus Fucking Wept Vol. 1 LP that is coming out soon via Blastbeat Mailmurder.

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Attention all metal fiends: today is your lucky fucking day, because CVLT Nation has been given the right to share with you the new KATECHON song entitled “Desolation”! Hear it for yourself below and you’ll realize this band will bring an onslaught of sonic destruction with their new album, out this spring on NWN.

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Black goats and bleating Baphomets! What is this insanely heavy blackened fucking death cvlt music? Pneuma Hagion have crucified me with their sterling Trinity I release, upside down no less. Better get Al Necro a vomit bag and a Praetorian guard with a spear, because I’m surely going down into the depths listening to this. And I may not come back in a while.

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Scar Sighted is a gem in this 2015 that has just started for two reasons mainly: one, you will not hear a metal album quite like this all year, not only for this year actually, but likely for years to come; and two, with Scar Sighted, Leviathan is FUCKING BACK, back to their most disgusting and geniously appalling craft, the one we had loved so much up until the all time masterpiece Massive Conspiracy Against All Life came to life back in 2008.

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