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Following the release of Drowned’s debut album, Idola Specus, it was time to do a retrospective of their career. Since their inception back in 1992, the band has released a plethora of demos and EPs. This band has never stayed in one place and has taken its time to experiment

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This soul-staining slab of nocturnal emission, is the work of two men, Ævangelist. If Omen Ex Simulacra was a grime-ridden piece of blackened death metal, Writhes in the Murk is an even darker beast that feeds upon the chaos it creates. Living up to it’s title, the songs flow from

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Caligari Records is releasing this hypnotizing album by a Scottish Band called Ellorsith. 1959 tells the story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. A true story, involving the mysterious deaths of nine hikers led by Igor Dyatlov into the Ural Mountains of Russia. These deaths were attributed to “a compelling natural force”.

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Having birthed a decrepit gem with their demo recording back in 2012, this trio clearly didn’t clean up after themselves, as their debut full-length sounds as if the afterbirth formed into a gelatinous horror and proceeded to strangle its condemned twin in a murderous frenzy. Just when you thought the

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We recently caught up with Carl Snyder of  the San Antonio based black thrashers Hod to discuss the creation of their newest slab of infectious vertebrae-crunching metal The Book of the Worm, along with the current state of black metal and the Texas metal scene. What stands out about Book

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Let’s face it. Bandcamp, Soundcloud, DIY digital distribution tools, affordable and user-friendly home recording software, blogs, file-sharing, affordable digital PR and all these new and often free media technologies at the disposal of bands and musicians have made making and releasing music almost laughably easy in present times. It is

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