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If you read CVLT Nation, you know that we dig The Misfits, plus Glenn’s next band is one of our favorites as well! SAMHAIN was pretty awesome; they did things musically that were really interesting and pushed the boundaries. SAMHAIN had a killer work ethic and toured non-stop from coast to

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Hell Comes to Your House" courtesy of Peggy Morrison
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For the past several years – since 2007 – writer Mikey Bean has quietly been working away (or, depending on who you ask, not so quietly!), gathering an oral history of California deathrock for his upcoming book Phantoms: The Rise of Deathrock from the LA Punk Scene. He’s assembled a

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LUNCH is a damn good postpunk band from Portland, Oregon that, like a lot of the best bands in the postpunk scene nowadays, has a direct tie into the underground DIY hardcore/punk movement. PDX has especially been ahead of the curve in this regard, what with formerly hardcore bands like

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Everything old is new again. Or maybe things just stay old. Like punk itself, deathrock just doesn’t want to die, and depending on who you ask, that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Deathrock is now undergoing its second revival, with bands like Salome’s Dance, Anasazi, Cemetery,

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Shadow Age’s new Silaluk EP starts with a powerful backbeat, soon accompanied by rippling guitars and an atmospheric synth courtesy of Davey Bales, the singer of Lost Tribe. Singer Aaron Tyree’s kind-of-ethereal, kind-of-disaffected postpunk vocals kick in and you’re treated to a captivating, shadowy journey through a dreamlike musical experience.

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I loved the world before MTV, before they started to co-opt the underground! In the early 80’s, weirdos found their kindred spirits on late night TV. In Los Angeles, we had New Wave Theater hosted by the late Peter Ivers. He championed the sonic freak circus while other media outlets wanted to

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Chicago deathrock band Cemetery‘s debut LP, “Wind and Shadows,” started shipping April 1. Released on Mass Media Records, which is increasingly a one-stop shop for anything worthwhile coming out of the modern dark punk scene, the European version is set to be released on the UK’s Inflammable Material imprint. Cemetery

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From June 11th to June 13th, the city of Vancouver will be experiencing  one of the heaviest music festivals that the North West has ever seen – The COVENANT. The group individuals that banded together to make this event a reality have curated this three day fest to be about more than just music,

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How talented is Johannah Jørgensen? VERY! How good is her band Metro Cult? Beyond Stellar. Jørgensen has just directed the new visual for Copenhagen’s Metro Cult and I must say, I really dig it and I have a good feeling you will as well. So here is your chance, because CVLT Nation

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Austin, Texas horror garage punk institution HEX DISPENSERS will be releasing their third LP, aptly titled III, on June 6th, 2015 (the 9th anniversary of the very first Hex Dispensers rehearsal on 06/06/06, by the way). Below is an exclusive streaming track we’re excited to reveal, as well as an

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I could say so many awesome things about New York’s Anasazi, but I think the video you are about to see below says it all! To me, they are a band that are willing to take chances with the way they express themselves through music. Part 1 also performed at

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Börn are from Reykjavik, Iceland, and they’ve just released a new 4-song EP on the eve of their first US tour (Tour dates and a stream of their new self-titled EP are below). The band channels the dark and desperate spirit of past fellow Scandinavian postpunkers in Kitchen and the

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