August 29, 2014

Incredible Black Tape :
GLOAM – “Vanquished” Review + Stream

Jul 22, 2014 0 17  

Let me pick my heart up from off the floor. It is scattered all over the room, because I just finished listening to GLOAM‘s new EP Vanquished, and the damn ...

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Sickest Doom Demo of 2014!
KEEPER “MMXIV” Streaming!

Jul 22, 2014 1 12  

I can hear the pain of this world; I can hear the suffering of the downtrodden; I can hear the sound of the sickest young doom band doing it right ...

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Green Elder – Ruis
Album Spotlight + Interview

Jun 28, 2014 1 9  

This is a side step to what I will be typically reviewing and covering, but seeing how Green Elder is a folk based project musically…they have members in Twilight Fauna ...

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Dark Punk Band of The Week:
STRANGER from Boston!

Jun 11, 2014 4 6  

Boston’s Stranger are sick. And hard to categorize. Their Bandcamp page lists “deathrock” and “goth punk” as the two genre tags for the band, but the overall sound of the ...

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Thrash Till Death: Execució’s Debut Demo – Review + Stream

Apr 29, 2014 1 6  

Thrash Metal is far from its peak of popularity these days. It looks like it’s fallen out fashion in favor of various other forms of hardcore, black metal, speed metal, ...

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Free Download!
600% Stellar Post-Punk
Aube: Demo – Review

Mar 10, 2014 0 12  

Dissonant buzzsaw guitar that manages to be hypnotically soothing and psychotically unnerving at the same time is the first thing you hear on ‘Exil’, the first track on Ottawa post-punkers ...

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CVLT Nation
Deathrock 2014 Mixtape
Curated by Oliver Sheppard

Mar 4, 2014 7 34  

Well, we’re two years into these Deathrock mixtapes, and the fascination that dark postpunk and deathrock continues to hold over the punk scene continues unabated, even if many punker-than-thou bands ...

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Poser Killing Machine: DeathgraVe – “Demo” Review + Stream

Mar 3, 2014 0 3  

Grind, Powerviolence, punk, metal, fast and brutal shit…. call-it-what-you-will, we don’t really know what to call this crazy release aside from fucking awesome! What you can stream herein is the ...

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Ultra Lo-Fi.
Ultra Primitive.Ultra Rad!
Dead Peasants: I – Review + Stream

Feb 21, 2014 0 9  

Dead Peasants are a three piece blackened hardcore band from the mean streets of Baltimore. They originally formed in 2011 but didn’t release any recordings until early 2013, when they ...

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Heavy Heavy Heavy!
The Rotten to the Core Sonic Hell of GREY WIDOW. Review + Stream… Death.

Feb 12, 2014 0 1  

Holy… fuckin’… shit. I sat down to listen to the self titled debut from GREY WIDOW, and I immediately started feeling an awful sense of unease and torment taking over my ...

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