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What happens when a group of close friends who are bonded by a deep friendship, a highly socially-aware anger and an interwoven web of strong progressive beliefs decide to play loud, angry, abrasive and blown out hardcore punk as a vessel for the expression of radical and extreme vegan, pro-animal

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The other day I was checking out one of my favorite sites Crust-Demos and came across the this raging fucking one man D-Beat band TRIBÜNAL from Germany! Every tune that I’ve heard from this being is a straight banger that even has our 2 1/2 old daughter spazzing out and

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Bible Thumper’s Decimation is a wallop of a D-beating. The screams radiate from behind a muffled wall, with the savagery butchering its way through nine gut-punching, jaw-cracking and teeth-grinding tracks. Be warned. The title track rends its way with a mosh pit conjured from the scumiest bowels of hell, maintaining

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Hand me the new FORWARD & TEARGAS 7inch so I can slap the taste out of warmongers’ mouths worldwide. This record will give you the energy of a hundred cups of coffee with a healthy dose of D-Beat angst. Both bands show and prove why they are not willing to

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Italy’s Shove Records (along with Mind Control Records and a few others) brings you a truly unholy alliance of sorts. What you’ll find in this 7″ split release by the two Danish bands are in fact two tracks of icy, tenebrous, desolate and annihilating blackened hardcore. Copenhagen devastators HEXIS kick

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Straight up, 90’s DEPRESSOR rock my motherfucking world! Every release I have from them is a classic, because they created music without boundaries. DEPRESSOR always had messages in their music I could relate to, and they still ring true today! Check this out – you can download DEPRESSOR’s War Whores

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CVLT Nation is proud to present the first covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: DISCHARGE’s seminal album Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. We’re offering it for free download and streaming below! The CVLT Nation Sessions is a musical project with the aim of reinterpreting iconic music

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Dublin is pretty rife with noisy punk and hardcore bands, whether it’s Disguise or Crows, and now you can add another name to the list in Gaze. With some familiar faces from Twisted Mass and Fag Enablerz in tow, Gaze play raw d-beat inflected with noisy Japanese hardcore. It’s harsh

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NYC’s Warthog‘s new 7 inch is the shit, and it’s out now via Katorga Works. For just over 5 minutes, these feral psychos lay down some raw d-beat-laced hardcore! Right here and now, you can download the new Warthog for free, but after that head over to Katorga Works to

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As you may know, we were fucking blown away by the rabid madness and insane heaviness of Augurs‘ debut EP, the 2012 Demo. After that crushing (but brief) load of heaviness was deployed on our sorry skulls last year, almost leaving us fucking crippled in its destructive wake, the wait

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Straight up & down, I have no love for the LAPD. Way too many times I have been a target of their heavy hand of their oppression. They roam the streets of L.A. not to protect & serve, but to destroy humanity. One band in L.A. that are down to

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In Italian, “sei vivo, sei morto a nessuno importa” literaly means “whether you are alive or dead no one gives a shit”. This should give you an idea of what KOMPLOTT sound like. Pure, emaciated, unadulterated, starving and corrosive ultra-violent gutter punk from on of the lost capitals of Italian (and modern)

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