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San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland… Grind! Are you fucking kidding me? Can you possibly go wrong? A grindcore band from Oakland that fattens everything up by adding to their razorwire crust-grind assault elements of sludge and doom in the vein of  Corrupted? I don’t think so! Augurs are a slimy,

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windmill of corpses demo-2
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Hello there Arizona! Sunny, warm… and it appears, really fucking pissed too! From the sunny and usually less musically roudy Grand Canyon State hail infact an extremely crusty, violent, confrontational and wacked out hardcore punk band with a super cool name, Windmill of Corpses! These young lads from Northern Arizona

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Let DEATHRITE show you the way “Into Extinction” – needless to say, we at CVLT Nation and everybody else who has at least a minimum of love for the extreme side of music are more than excited for this release. “Into Extinction” is the first full-length record by DEATHRITE from

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The new MURDERESS EP entitled The Gate, out now on Aborted Society Records, is straight up raging. All four songs have this sense of urgency that will make the listener pay attention to what MURDERESS has to say…I really dig how this band is able to create songs that have

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That’s right, what we have here is yet another hardcore punk album that took a bit (about a year to be precise) to slither to the surface and land in our hands from the excruciating shadows it was birthed in, but its power and sheer force are just too grand

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instinto crop

It should come as no surprise that one of the most devastating crust/d-beat albums of 2012 comes from Spain – Barcelona to be exact. Anyone who is familiar with Europe’s crust movement knows that Spain has always been a stronghold of crust punk and anarchist punk. Might be the fact

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It’s bizarre to think that this label is now 13 years old; what started out as an art project and supplement to a print zine quickly kind of spiraled into much more than we ever anticipated. This mix represents the second half of ABSOC’s discography, and is intended to showcase

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Woes are a band that took me completely by surprise. Very few artists I’ve come across have been able to craft such a strong debut. Valley of Desolation, Woes’ first release, pools its influences from everything from Darkthrone to GISM. The sinister vibe of classic black metal coexists abrasively and

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This weekend, metalheads & punks worldwide descended on Baltimore for Maryland Deathfest XI. Our comrade Frank Huang aka Pit Full Of Shit was on hand with his video camera and captured some off the bloody rack sets! Check out his footage from Day 4 featuring SPEEDWOLF, MIDNIGHT, KROMOSOM, IRON LUNG,

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Bleak and distant. Two words that more than aptly describe Bible Thumper’s unholy half of their split with Thetan. This New Brunswick, NJ outfit churn out a rough, creature-like bit of D-beat evil. The sound materializes into a claustrophobic chamber wreathed in faraway anguish. Wrath permeates these three tracks, rubbing

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Hot damn, NO SIR, I WON’T is a fucking killer band that play some off the chain peace punk! They have a new 12 inch entitled Door coming out via Frame Work Label on June 25th! Right now I want you to check out their new song “Harry Harlow” streaming

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While not a frequent listener of D-beat or crust, Kromosom have broken that trend and will undoubtedly frequent my listening devices from this point moving forward. This Melbourne outfit boasts a sound that reeks of the unclean purity that punk demands, fifteen tracks of the festering underbelly of society smothered

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