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Up until only a few months ago, the peaceful and quiet hills of Emilia Romagna – Bologna to be exact – in central Italy were the unexpecting home to one of the most tortured, tormented and venomous blackened crust bands we have come across in a long time. Il Male

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(Note: This article originally appeared, in an earlier form, at, here. It is reprinted with permission from the author.) Manchester’s Warsaw changed their name in 1977 to Joy Division to avoid conflict with the punk band Warsaw Pakt. Coincidentally, that change served to mark the break between Joy Division’s

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I can’t front and i won’t front i fucking love when music is used as an weapon of protest & social justice! Philly’s COP PROBLEM bring straight politically charged aggression with their brand of D-BEAT that cuts at the throats corrupt pigs! Today CVLT Nation premieres COP PROBLEM debut video

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FUCKING RAGING!!!!!!!! The new ALL PIGS MUST DIE album “Nothing Violates This Nature” is streaming in full below! The record came out yesterday…PLAY IT LOUD!!! Nothing Violates This Nature by APMD

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All Pigs Must Die are at it again. Their follow up to the revered God is War, Nothing Violates This Nature is a continuation of the already heavy, already destructive tendencies of APMD. Heralded as a supergroup, APMD pushes the envelope of what is heavy, and explores the deepest reaches

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Anasazi: A little bit Virgin Prunes and a strong helping of Southern Death Cult — add in liberal amounts of Christian Death, nuke it all in a microwave for a few minutes, and the finished result might look something like this New York City cult-punk-cum-deathrock outfit. The brainchild of urban

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Unholy horns of everything awesome! Have you ever heard a record that has all of your brain cells spazzing out like a motherfucker head banging themselves against your skull and stage diving out of your ears? This happens to me every time I put on the new DEAF KIDS from

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Florida act Centuries are ripping up the East Coast. Their debut LP, Taedium Vitae, a darkened hardcore shellshock of an album, fits right at home on Southern Lord. The sound delivered from this LP is caustic, volatile, and overtly heavy; Centuries tears through nine tracks in nineteen minutes (!). Taedium

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Atlanta, Georgia crust grinders Dead in the Dirt have released an album that can be classified as an utter destructive force. The Blind Hole, their first full length, is a sludgy grindcore fest, packed to the brim with blast beats and deep riffing. The trio are releasing this monster on

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Unholy fuck and triple pope face punch – CVLT Nation has the honor of streaming one of most raging releases of this year! I’m talking about the soon to be released record from OCCULTIST entitled Death Sigils. This piece of righteous audio filth is made up of 8 songs that

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CVLT Nation is calling all our Vancouver readers to come out and support on July 19th at The Rickshaw! We have a killer lineup – Witch Mountain (Profound Lore), Eight Bells (Seventh Rule), OSS, Life Against Death and Hopeleus – and Nothing is Heavy is giving away a rad prize

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I just watched the brand new video for SARABANTE‘s tune “Under The Shadows,” directed by Nick Petrihos, and I must say that this visual captures the band’s passion for real justice. The song is fucking on point, and I’m sure you will be pressing repeat on this video. The good

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