August 27, 2014

Supermoon Sea Cave Ritual Featuring Bädr Vogu, Folivore, Fórn & Akatharsia

Aug 14, 2014 38 125  

On 8/10/14 in San Francisco (((California))), deep within a haunted cave an evening of cataclysmic doom occurred… Imagine being lead down a pitch black sandy cave, with an unrelenting thunderous ...

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Beneath The Earth…
SEA OF BONES Crush Brooklyn
Now Showing!

Aug 13, 2014 1 11  

Yo homie…come over here so I can blast this full set of SEA OF BONES destroying St. Vitus in your ears. PIT FULL OF SHIT has done it again by ...

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Sick! Ritualistic Death Doom
Grimoire de Occulte Review + Stream

Aug 12, 2014 1 22  

From an old tomb in Aachen, Germany, comes our latest subject of scrutiny: a band called Grimoire de Occulte and their 2012 Rehearsal cassette. Grimoire de Occulte play their own ...

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CVLT Nation’s
Top 6 New Bands
You Must HEAR Today!

Aug 12, 2014 0 55  

1. BOTANIST So Fucking Original…So fucking amazing…So freaking Magical…So freaking breathtaking…the new BOTANIST album out now on Flenser is PERFECT! Not only is this one of the best black metal ...

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Black Tar Prophet’s “Deafen” LP

Aug 11, 2014 0 2  

Nashville’s own low-end amp-wall wizards Black Tar Prophet have been blowing out eardrums for around three years now. Their first record “Note to Nod” was independently released and features a ...

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Doomed in Dreams: USA OUT OF VIETNAM – “Crashing Diseases & Incurable Airplanes” Review + Stream

Aug 11, 2014 1 19  

I’m not really sure where to start on this one. This album defies any attempt to pin it into a corner with any kind of label or definition. There is ...

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Fucking Amazing Heavy Psych!
HaiKai No Ku – “Ultra High Dimensionality”
Streaming Now + Review

Aug 7, 2014 0 22  

I’m keyed up to present you the exclusive streaming of the brand new HaiKai No Ku album, “Ultra High Dimensionality”, here on CVLT Nation. The record springs from the spoors ...

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DOOM You Will Hear This Week
CVLT Nation Streaming:
FUNERARY – Starless Aeon
Review + Free Download

Aug 6, 2014 4 17  

With a name such as Funerary, you can quite easily deduce that this band from Phoenix, Arizona finds itself deep within the extreme doom/death subgenre. And even though the band ...

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Unnerving Black Metal!
Predatory Light
MMXIV Review + Stream

Aug 5, 2014 2 12  

Lurking somewhere within the borders of New Mexico is yet another hugely exciting new project; a project that leaves behind any trace of affectation and theatrical pomp, delivering dense and ...

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CVLT Nation Streaming:

Aug 5, 2014 0 3  

The stars sing when they burn, and the earth hums when it moves – but their voices are unimaginably massive and crushing, drones that would wash your puny flesh from ...

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