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In this episode of Screams from the Gutter, we bring you some bitterness, some filth, some morbid introspection, some loss and a ton of gloom.  If these bands ended up in this series, it means three things mainly: 1) I’m clusterfucked with work and can’t for the life of me find

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Slow moving death is coming your way in the form of the new HEAVYDEATH debut album coming out on Svart Records in 2015. Right here and now, you can peep the 7:48 minute video for the track “Ascending”…I’m so excited about this release and you should be too…All Hail HEAVYDEATH!

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In a perfect world, LARVAE, from the ever so musically fascinating SF Bay Area, would be ruling the world of blackened death-doom and handing out invaluable lessons to everyone when it comes to things like form, integrity, character, style and execution. But as we know, the world is far from

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Well, winter has unleashed its first blast across North America, meaning only one thing. It’s time for a constant rotation of frost-bitten Black Metal. In response to the frigid days that are upon us, two of Brooklyn’s finest offerings in Black Metal, Anicon and Belus, have come together and released a

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In the last Screams from the Gutter chapter dedicated to Italian bands I told you how one of those bands called HATE & MERDA had an imminent release coming out. So, that release finally came out, and holy fucking shit, it fucking rips shit up in unimaginable ways. In fact, it rips shit apart

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1. ESCLAVO: Enslaved Esclavo‘s Enslaved tape was released in 2012 by Murder/Suicide Incidents, and it’s a fucking classic!!! I have only heard two songs and I can not get enough. When I hear this band, it makes me want to drop out of society and become an insect that could live

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