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Polish heavy music has received a lot of media attention during the the past fifteen years or so, but mostly because of the wrong bands (yeah I said it, wut). As with any music scene, the age old truth is still rings: the best bands are hidden amid the ones

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 Right here and now, you are about to hear a track from one of the most moving records I have heard all year! It was created by Chico, California’s COLD BLUE MOUNTAIN and it’s called “Retreat” from their soon to released album Old Blood. All nine minutes of this tune

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 1. HOME IS GONE Unholy fuck this band is just so, so, so fucking good! The vocals eat away at your existence while the music beats you all over your body! HOME IS GONE has created one of my favorite black releases of the year. Every song reeks of tortured

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CVLT Nation is proud to present the fifth covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: BLACK SABBATH’s Paranoid. This killer comp features an amazing array of Sabbath worship from IRN, Highgate, Bog Oak, Act of Impalement, Aseethe, Keeper, Monolord and Mourning Cloak. Crushing riffs and earth-moving melodies are

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It has been about four years since the release of Black Masses, and I have been really interested in seeing what Electric Wizard would come up with next. Their previous album and Witchcult Today saw the band being much more direct and straightforward than their earlier releases. So, if you

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It’s quite hard to place a finger on what exactly Wreck and Reference is. The duo has embarked on a dark journey that has led them through two EPs, Black Cassette and Content and 2012’s bleak Youth, each release blurring the boundaries between electronic music, metal and noise. Ever tempering

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