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VIOLENCE, DISTORTION, DEATH, DECAY, FILTH SUPREME, MURDER RIFFS and BLOODY VOCALS are some of the words that come to mind when I listen to releases from GRACELESS Recordings! This Nashville-based tape label specializes in putting out underground gems. This is a label you can trust, because they only release the

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They did it. They fucking did it. After years of chasing each other around all over the country on endless joint tours and doing absolutely nothing to hide a deep and long running friendship, two of America’s most prominent and innovative doom bands – THOU from Baton Rouge, LA, and

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No fashion, No kvlt, No trend! Just purely from the heart! This is what THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT is all about – whether it’s black metal, doom or neo-folk he’s playing, it has some a special feeling, it has it’s own atmosphere, it has something you will hardly find in the

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Mizmor has given CVLT Nation the highest honor of allowing us to share with you their new song “VIII – Orual.” A 16 minute journey into a beautiful and haunting sonic black hole is one side of their upcoming split cassette with Mania. I’m almost at a loss to describe

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From complete obscurity comes this brand new Bay Area avant-doom combo called CATAPULT THE DEAD (supposedly the name of the band refers to ancient practice of catapulting plague-ridden corpses beyond city walls as the first form of biological warfare). A band that has lurked in the shadows of the complete unknown for

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CVLT Nation would like to give an extra HUGE shout out to Countdown to Armageddon, USNEA, NIGHT NURSE, DRUDEN, BLACK LODGE, ALAN HUNTER and everyone how came out to our Seattle 3rd anniversary on April 19th. All of the bands gave stellar performances! The amount of love that I felt

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