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Very low and extremely fucking slow is how the new BISMUTH album entitled Unavailing is going to make you feel. They have conjured up a collection of songs that are ultra monolithic in nature, but are so beautiful in their own right. BISMUTH’s music has a mediative quality to it

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Photos: Josh Ford Every October, as the summer sun finally recedes into its own burning torment, the shadows in Tucson, Arizona come out to play for Southwest Terror Fest. 2015 marks the festival’s fourth iteration, with last year’s third volume containing titanic sets from the likes of Sunn O))), Neurosis

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MEMNON SA is a magical project that has created music that has become part of our lives here at CVLT Nation. Their last album Citadel is played in our HQ at least once a week. MEMNON SA creates the kind of ritualistic cosmic doom that is perfect for a feral

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Deep, deep dowm in the filthy sonic stench we call doom/sludge exists a band called DISROTTED, and they bring pure torment with each release. In November, these merchants of down tuned murder riffs are heading over to Japan for a tour. They also have recorded a split with su19b that

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Today is a good day, because we are about to turn you on to another killer band called The FIFTH ALLIANCE, whose soon to be released album Death Poem is alive in so many ways! One word comes to mind when I hear this band, and that word is Vast. The FIFTH

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Low and Slow…this is how Iike my doom served up with an unhealthy dose of resin. Are we HUGE fans of SPACE BONG over here at CVLT Nation? The answer is YES! We are stoked to be sharing with you the new album Deadwood To Worms in full below. This

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Are you fucking ready to hear some inhumane audio weapons of putrid sonic pollution? Dragged Into Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues collaborative LP entitled N.V. is scheduled for release on Nov. 13th via Prosthetic Records. This grim journey of pain will make you want to peel your skin off just so

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uncle acid

Uncle Acid and the deadbeats may not be the enigmatic entity they once were – (un)fortunately their star has risen exponentially with the release of each full length, and as such interest has grown alongside it – but their music is still steeped in mystery and a narrative that is akin

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Last week, we streamed the track “Burnt By Time” from SPACE BONG‘s recently released LP Deadwood to Worms, and today we’re bringing you a video that will annihilate your senses, a collaboration between Space Bong and Capital Waste Pictures for their track “Slow Spring.” Not only is the music absolutely

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Cover art for Five Degrees Of Insanity

Enter into a ravenous void that is hungry for none other than one’s good moral standing, soul and positivity, and chips and chisels at every fiber of those things within you. In the raging, clamoring and absolutely deafening album from France’s Cult Of Occult, will you find that darkness that

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Three awesome dudes from the Oakland-based grindcore band Infinite Waste (namely madmen Jamison, Kevin, and Matt) were rad enough to have the brilliant idea to put together a compilation of Bay Area-based bands to give out for free at this year’s first edition of California Deathfest this weekend in Oakland, to show visitors and outsiders attending

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This release is a retrospective and present compilation all of Unearthly Trance‘s unreleased seven inch splits and ten inch vinyl EP’s since their first release on Southern Lord in 2001, beginning with the most current and working it’s way back. It is so good to hear the progression of their

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