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That time has arrived, finally one of the most anticipated albums of the last few years is out. Orchid’s ‘Capricorn’ has been released by Doom Dealer and it goes way beyond expectations. It is rare when an album that has been hyped to such a degree actually lives up to

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by Sean Reveron (CVLT Nation) Whoa! Black Flag soaked in whiskey, mud, voodoo ashes, and honey-drenched feedback is the foundation of OLDE GROWTH. On the real, just get your favorite bud kindness, light it up & play this super sick Boston band loud! Then you will find yourself floating off

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Bleeding ears, dead speakers, doom brain and nuclear whiplash…these are some of the effects that the sounds of Wolvhammer will have on a listener. Fuck it, I dig my metal to have these kind of effects on me! If you want your doom to be blackened with crust around it,

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by Sean Reveron (CVLT Nation) Arik Roper is one of our favorite artists of all time, plus he is the homie. It’s our pleasure to share some of his awesome art on CVLT Nation. Arik has done covers for some of the illest heavy bands around, ie. Sleep, High on

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One of the most innovative and interesting bands currently in existence, they bridge the gap between metal, drone, noise, ambient, progressive rock, krautrock, and various other sorts of experimental music. The resultant musical textures are not only strangely rhythmic, but encompassing and expansive as well. There is something very special

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The new Weedeater album: “Jason…the Dragon” is now available on CD and LP via the lord and don’t miss the band live! Remaining dates of WEEDEATER’s Jason… The Dragon Tour: 3/08/2011 Rotture – Portland, OR w/ Zoroaster, Kvelertak 3/10/2011 Monstros – Chico, CA w/ Zoroaster, Kvelertak 3/11/2011 Thee Parkside –

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