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Last year in August, I wrote the below words about VRTRA and I meant every word! Now it’s time for you to see rad footage from their very first live ritual! I got word from Sentient Ruin Laboratories that only three tapes are left, so here is your last chance to pick up a copy

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Bathsheba, the newly formed band from Belgium, carries a lot of the scene’s DNA in its lineup. The history of the individual members goes into some of the more interesting releases of the extreme metal genre of the past years, including ex-Serpentcult vocalist Michelle Nocon, Dwight Goosens of death metal

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In October this year, Oddhums released their debut EP, The Inception. The band from Spain is brand new, and its first steps in the scene are very promising indeed. In essence, what the band is doing is creating their own a blend of some popular metal sub-divisions during the ’90s

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Immense, Colossal, Massive, Drone, Feedback, Sonic Walls of Nothingness are the words that come to mind as I listen to the new LP by TWINESUNS  entitled The Empire Never Ended, coming out on Jan. 27th via Pelagic Records. Without any drums, this band creates soundscapes that will have your mind transfixed on your future

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Footpaths‘ music is like a lonesome descent. Like the slipping away of hope and the tasting on your lips of the second it leaves your grasp. From there, you feel the cold throes of no return clinging to your entire body… You get lost within the labyrinths of your own mind.

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Doom comes in many sonic shapes and forms, which is why I can never get enough. I love to hear when bands push themselves out of their comfort zone to create art that really stands the test of time. It’s also very interesting to hear when bands find inspiration in

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