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Last night, I found what I think is the Best Occult Doom Release of 2015 by a band named KULT OF THE WIZARD. Their new album is entitled The White Wizard, and it is a never ending ride to Doom Valhalla, where the riffs shape-shift into magical beings! Mahle Roth’s vocals

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I’m holding hands with my past while I run to my future, knowing that what I leave behind will soon die. I look around me and see people without souls leading the masses their early graves. I hear the new TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY and realize that  the heavy music

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Keijo Niinimaa of Rotten Sound decided to step a bit further out of the grindcore territory with the formation of Morbid Evils. Encompassing the dirt of sludge, the weight of doom and the spirit of old school death metal, the debut album from this band, In Hate With The Burning World,

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The nation of Italy – like many nations in recent years – has faced periods of uncertainty and unrest within its borders. With an already impressive and ever-expanding underground music scene, these turbulent times of doom and gloom have seen a natural propagation of extreme music that – although perhaps

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Earlier this year, we had the chance to share with you two INSECT ARK tracks from their  album Portal/Well, which is out now. Today we want you to peep the full set of their record release show performance that was captured by our comrade Frank Huang aka PITFULLOFSHIT…Take sometime to check out this band

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funerary starless aeon cassette tape
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When FUNERARY self-released their debut album, Starless Aeon, last year, we were immediately stoked on it’s heaviness and blown away by its sheer tonnage. Starless Aeon was quietly self-released by the band as a free download in the summer of 2014 and released shortly after by the Midnite Collective on a small run of 50 tapes

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Batten down the hatches and brush aside your assumptions on this one, people. Because if you don’t, prepare to have a number of previous expectations as to what the sound of Doom Metal can be destroyed. If you’ve been paying close attention over the last few weeks, CVLT Nation has

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CVLT Nation is proud to present the eighth covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: SLEEP’S HOLY MOUNTAIN. This re-envisioning of a genre-defining classic  features doom warriors Sea of Bones, Oryx, Fogg, Sea Witch, Bog Oak, Cult of Occult, Space Witch and Frown! All of these bands have lived

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Last year we got turned on to New York’s instrumental DOOM WARRIORS CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC via their album To Sleep Beyond The Earth. Now the band is getting ready to release their new record entitled Your Doom Has Come on Sept 1st. From what I have heard, this band has

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What time is it? It’s time to feel the HEAVY!!! A full set of Sunn o))) performing in Germany 2005…Their new album is being recorded NOW…Watch this while you wait for the LP to be finished. Photo by Joshua Ford Filmed by Marc Schummer

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cover DTADW_12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]
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Litany is the second full-length from Dallas’ Dead to a Dying World, who continue to blend together their diverse influences into a unique hybrid sound. Blackened crust walks side by side with post rock, and topping it all is the towering doom/sludge-induced weight that they awaken. Their self-titled album was a great

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Sacral Regicide, the debut offering from black metal titans Eigenlicht, was released early this May and praised by CVLT Nation shortly after. According to their Encyclopaedia Metallum page, they’ve only been a band since last year, but have lent their presence to some pretty notable live bills since and are

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