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You know over here at CVLT Nation we are fans of all things HEAVY. This is why we are stoked that our comrade Gemma Shaw aka Gloomy Lights Photography was on hand to capture Desert Fest for us in London last week. Now it’s time for you to peep Day

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Electric Wizard from Dorset (((England))) are one of the heaviest bands on the planet. Electric Wizard plays psychedelic doom metal influenced by Rock’n’Roll and cosmic horror. Jus Oborn is the mastermind behind the band, and he has been the driving force since the late 80’s, when the band was playing

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Two things popped into my head when I first heard about NOISE-A-TRON from Seattle, before I listened to their upcoming full-length Vast Arcane via Bleeding Light Records. The first thing was my instinctive skepticism about them based on their name – kind of the same thing I felt when I

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Suffering and despair are emotions that each and every one of us has dealt with – either in the past, or in the present – and Four Phantoms succinctly creates the atmosphere of dread and solitude that sadness often brings. Bell Witch already have a stunning record in their catalogue,

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Remember when we talked about the debut Demo of Irish blackened death metal bestiality MALTHUSIAN, and of how fucked up and awesome the band sounded on that first release of theirs? Well, rejoice – the Irish dudes are back, back at desecrating your ear drums with another punishing blast of vile

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I remember when I first heard SWAMP WITCH, and what made me say, damn, this band is the shit! It was when I heard the band’s first album, Gnois, (((Chopped & Screwed)))…Now SWAMP WITCH is back with a slowed-down version of their new album The Slithering Bog remixed by Houston’s

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To say I was excited about this show – ELECTRIC WIZARD‘s first North American tour since Let Us Prey – is a major fucking understatement. Press requests were in to Timbre last year. Babysitter lined up in February. Edibles purchased and joints were rolled. Nothing was going to stop Sean

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After a long a day at work or school, sometimes the only thing you wanna do (just short of punching your boss’ stupid fucking face) is go home, masturbate, poison your body, and blast some tunes.  Most of the time, you know exactly what band you’re gonna jam to calm

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Sometimes you just want to hear that kind of psychedelic doom that makes you one with the SUN! Sinister Haze’s soon to be released 12 inch EP Betrayed by Time does just that and more. This band doesn’t only kick out the jams, they kick out those trips that may

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There’s so much good music coming at me that sometimes I feel like my head is about to spin off of my neck! Phantom Winter is a new band from Germany that should be getting attention, because their soon to be released record CVLT is the shit! So why do

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BelzebonG has the the kind of meds you need on a day like 4:20, and it comes in the form a new song called “Diabolical Dopenosis.” Get your bong ready, because the band will be releasing their new album entitled Greenferno in the very near future via Emetic Records. Right

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ROADBURN 2015 is over, and damn, this year looked just as awesome as any other. Now it’s time to check out CVLT Nation’s annual coverage of one of the heaviest fests on the planet. We salute Gemma Shaw aka Gloomy Lights Photography for capturing this event for us all to see…Below

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