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First and foremost, this album is sonic experimentation at it’s finest. For those unfamiliar with this London based project, Ghold create a deep, rich sound composed of only bass guitar and drums. Perhaps the best way to describe this bands sound is the mongoloid bastard-child of of 5ive and Lighting

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meth drinker leechfeast split

What could you expect from a split from Dry Cough Records and Raw Birth Records? Well, anyone familiar with these two labels should know that they are worshipers of absolute filth like noothers. Their releases aren’t really focused on any hip or genre-defying pseudo-metal releases. Rather, these two labels choose to focus

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jdi a divej se cover
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Jdi a Dívej Se (“Idi i Smotri”, or “Come and See”) is a breath-taking Russian movie from 1985, and now also a compilation presenting seven Czech black metal bands deeply rooted in their local hardcore/punk scene, and released digitally by Coffee Breath Records. Each band provided previously unreleased material recorded exclusively

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folivore - eve of conception
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Santa Cruz’s FOLIVORE have been a fixture in Northern California’s extreme underground for the last five years at least. The band has been a focal point of Santa Cruz’s local metal scene, and the band has wreaked havoc all over the North West, having hit the road with the likes of

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July 3rd is going to be a HEAVY day in Vancouver, because IRN is coming to town. So I ‘m going to stock up on my THC-infused edibles and get ready to have my mind melted at the hands of some of my favorite riffs. IRN will be joined on

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The new OMMADON album Empathy For The Wicked is one of the heaviest, most punishing Doom records of 2015 so far! What I love about this band is that you can almost meditate to the sound of misery that they lay down. Over the course of 47 minutes, OMMADON speaks

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Some HEAVY shit has been taking place in NYC lately, like BELL WITCH, UNEARTHLY TRANCE and SAMOTHRACE all performing recently! We decided to bring together all of the footage we could find filmed by PITFULLOFSHIT & unARTigNYC…so get DOOMED you bastards! BELL WITCH DATES! June 17th – Soul Sounds, Inc

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What do we have here? The split between FUNERARY & OOZE, which I have a feeling will make our Top 6 Splits of 2015 list. Both bands would like nothing better than to slam your skull with their massive RIFFS. This FUNERARY and OOZE split will be getting the vinyl

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Yesterday, the pre-orders went live for our first ever release on the Grim CVLT label, a co-production with Grimoire Cassette Cvlture – the devastating and relentless split between Old Witch and Keeper. Thanks in part to an awesome review and track premiere from Kim Kelly over at Noisey, these very

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sutek hexen logo
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Pit Full of Shit and unARTigNYC did humanity a huge (dis)favor and attended APEX FEST VI in NYC last week to catch the live performance – among others – of Oakland-based blackened terror sorcerers SUTEKH HEXEN. Watch these magicians of complete aural carnage open a portal to another dimension with their staple blend of skin-peeling

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nel ventre della bestia
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As I keep in touch with my homies who play in bands, own labels, do booking etc back in my home town of Italy, I keep running into/being exposed to a ton of cool shit coming out of The Boot. There’s a lot of rad stuff going on in Italy these

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“I really hate your face.” Those are the first lines that you hear coming from vocalist “Dixie” Dave Collins’ mouth, when “Processional” comes in. Goliathan, the fifth album from Weedeater, and their first to be released through Season of Mist, does not lack any of the humour that made this

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