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All photos and text by Charles Nickles I was just trying to have some civil piss-off discourse with a friend, the other day, about all the idiots and infidels that populate our industry and she curbed that shit right quick. “CHARLESON,” she wrote “come to Sunnyvale for a show tomorrow

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Italian and European amp-worshippers prepare: TUBE CULT FEST has announced its 10th ANNIVERSARY LINE-UP! Pescara is a small city, yet the most populated of the Abruzzo region on the eastern coast of central Italy. It is the home of great food and of both breathtaking coastal and mountainous sceneries (as both the

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One of the most prominent bands in the extreme doom/death scene, Mournful Congregation grabbed everyone’s attention in 1999 with the release of their debut album, Tears from a Grieving Heart. Encapsulating all the sorrow and pain of the genre, the emotive lead work, the glacial pace and the introspective perception,

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All photos & text by Bobby Cochran Avant-doom masters King Woman and instrumental power trio Russian Circles have joined forces on a country-wide US tour, selling out venues left and right.  It’s no wonder, because both of these bands make music heads and tails above what most other genre-crossing heavy bands

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Vile Creature by name, although most certainly not by nature. This two-piece are uncompromising, confrontational, challenging and actually rather good. But despite hailing from the frozen wastelands of Canada, don’t ask this pair to get their skates on. They don’t do fast. Or not often anyway. For much of this

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Last month, a bunch of Vancouver’s heavy music devotees from across the spectrum packed into one of our favorite venues, Antisocial Skate Shop, to witness the utter sonic destruction that is TRIUMVIR FOUL. It was the 5th edition of the A Night of Death & Doom series, and it featured

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