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Dead Peasants are a three piece blackened hardcore band from the mean streets of Baltimore. They originally formed in 2011 but didn’t release any recordings until early 2013, when they put out a split with fellow Marylanders, sludge metal band Ecco, and this, a half hour demo of raw, speaker-splitting

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Hailing from Belluno, an Alpine town embedded in the Dolomites of Northern Italy, come STORM{O}, a young and fucking annihilating hardcore band who’s debut album Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo In Un Attimo E Il Cerchio Sara’ Chiuso drops on 12″ Vinyl LP on Shove Records, Désordre Ordonné, Fallo Dischi, Dischi Bervisti,

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We all know the world can be a fucked up place and that it’s run by a small group of corrupt pigs! This is why I like much of the music I blast to have a message I can relate to. COMMUNION of THIEVES and DENDRITIC ARBOR have a split

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If you chat to anyone in a band that has a bit of history behind it, and especially when this includes albums that general consensus calls “essential” or even “classic”, chances are those musicians have very strong feelings about what their final record with this band means to them, whether

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What happens when a group of close friends who are bonded by a deep friendship, a highly socially-aware anger and an interwoven web of strong progressive beliefs decide to play loud, angry, abrasive and blown out hardcore punk as a vessel for the expression of radical and extreme vegan, pro-animal

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Text and Photos: Darryl Reid The Vanishing Act Ottawa’s grind Gods: The Vanishing Act just played their ten year anniversary show. Instead of pretending I’m some expert on grindcore (I’m not) and embarrassing myself I decided ask Isaac The Vanishing act’s singer/songwriter a few questions. Darryl: How long have you

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larave - grave descent
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In a perfect world, LARVAE, from the ever so musically fascinating SF Bay Area, would be ruling the world of blackened death-doom and handing out invaluable lessons to everyone when it comes to things like form, integrity, character, style and execution. But as we know the world is far from

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Just out on Video Disease Records is this self-titled seven inch from weirdo hardcore band Umbilical Cord. Spastic snarls and high pitched screeches are spat over surprisingly melodic and idiosyncratic guitars with occasional bursts of Greg Ginn-ish atonal shred and psychedelic riffs that are as much feedback as playing. ‘Two

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CVLT Nation is stoked to be hitting you with a double whammy of WTCHDR today – an exclusive video and track premiere of “Our Filthy Hearts,” the 2nd track off their upcoming full length album Triumph and Despair. This band effectively tears your chest open and eats your beating heart

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Just when you think you have them figured out, STUNTMAN‘s brutal angular grindcore turns your skull a different direction! These Frenchmen have a new album entitled Incorporate The Excess coming out on January 18th via Solar Flare Records, and it will have your eyes rolling into back of your head

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The time is now to start checking out the insane releases that are in the pipeline for 2014. CVLT Nation has one for you: DIE CHOKING, who have a raging EP coming out in January. Over 5 tracks, this band scrambles your brain cells with their brand of high-octane grindcore

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By Corey & Gene of Pledge Allegiance to Grindcore Corey’s Top 3 of 2013: Iron Lung – White Glove Test This, hands down, is the PV/Grind album of the year. This duo out of Seattle, Washington, manage to craft some truly memorable, violent jams for 2013. The Brutal Supremacy trilogy

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