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Last weekend, Corrupt Moral Altar, Human Cull, Burden of the Noose and Atomck took on Bristol at The Exchange at a show hosted by You’re Not Human and sponsored by CVLT Nation. Today we have a huge photo essay from photographer Rebecca Cleal to share with you, and these rad

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Southwest Terror Fest 2013 is in less than a month, and the lineup is all fucking killer and no fucking filler! Four days of epic bands is what is going to whip through the Arizona desert like a massive sandstorm of awesomeness. Bands like…well, there will be so many good

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It straight went down this past Saturday, Sept. 7th in Pomona, CA at the CVLT Nation & Crash The Clubs show featuring DESPISE YOU, IN DISGUST, SEX PRISONER, MAGNUM FORCE and BEHAVIOR. It was over a hundred degrees in Aladdin Jr.’s, plus all the bands hit the stage and wrecked

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Being that I was a male child of the 80s that grew up in relative solitude in a house that had cable (sometimes even premium channels!), when I was handed the assignment to review an EP from a band named BODDICKER, I instantly went “Wait a fucking second, Boddicker? As

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In just a little over a week, it is about to go the fuck OFF in Pomona, with a show featuring DESPISE YOU, IN DISGUST, SEX PRISONER, MAGNUM FORCE (their last show) and DISAPPROVAL happening at Aladdin Jr. on Saturday Sept. 7th! Today we put together a live video essay

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Billed from Portland, Oregon, grindcore quartet Transient unleash a devastating barrage of blast beats and shredding guitars. Their debut LP is nothing short of intense; fusing together the edginess of crust with grind that makes for a sound containing the energetic spryness of enthusiasm while maintaining a level of seriousness

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The Punk is Dead Fest is happening on August 30th & 31st in Lancaster, and from the looks of the lineup it is going to crush Southern California! By far the best thing to happen to Lancaster since Walmart! And we are giving away a pair of tickets to the

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Just over a month back, on July 6th, I attended a pretty awesome DIY grind gathering in the forests of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada that lit up the tranquil atmosphere with blazing grind and powerviolence from the afternoon straight into the night. Organized by locals and inviting multiple comrades from

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The Punk is Dead Fest is happening on August 30th & 31st in Lancaster, CA! Ticket info here and flyer below! Now enjoy the PIDF mixtape exclusively for CVLT Nation! The original idea behind Punk Is Dead was to create a powerviolence fest in the vein of Super Sabado Gigante

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As of right now, you can get 40 to 50% off all the records and cassettes in the CVLT Nation Record Store!!! After a year of carrying music in our store, we are shutting it down and we are clearing out all our stock at the lowest prices you will

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So yeah, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Metal bands featuring the likes of dogs, cats and even parrots in their lineups, bands solely made up of puppets or robots or metal bands consisting of either incredibly young kids or really old folks. All is very interesting, but truly awesome

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Another ugly fucking gem of an album going unnoticed? We think not. Emptiness is a Belgian death metal band formed by members of Enthroned, and although they don’t tour much or step out into the spotlight too often, they deliver quality awesome fucking death metal, never failing to bust out

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