August 28, 2014

Must See TV!
Created by Punks for Punks:
PIDDLE TV Now Showing

Jul 14, 2014 0 0  

There is such a thing as Punk TV, created by Punks for Punks, and it’s called PIDDLE. After watching all 3 episodes, I knew I was watching something really fucking ...

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FISSURE Full Album Stream

Jul 11, 2014 1 4  

Do you have 4 minutes to spare? Then hit play on our exclusive stream of FISSURE’s Salvación/Destrucción cassette below and let their seamless blend of hardcore and powerviolence rake its ...

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CVLT Nation’s Label Spotlight:

Jul 10, 2014 0 3  

CVLT Nation is now broadcasting from planet hardcore and would like to bring you a special news flash! FAILURE RECORDINGS is the shit, and they are only getting started. This ...

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Dark Raw Punk At Its Best!
KURRAKÄ s/t LP Review + Stream+ Tour News

Jul 9, 2014 2 10  

Texas punk band KURRAKÄ‘s 10-song self-titled LP is a blistering dark thrash attack that borrows elements from bands like Tozibabe, from the dark punk tradition of “Siniestro” Spanish bands like ...

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Ottawa / Jihad split LP – 20 Years Later

Jul 9, 2014 3 7  

Marking its 20th anniversary since being released, this legendary split from Ottawa and Jihad has been set in stone as a classic of the 90s DIY Hardcore movement. Ottawa managed ...

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CVLT Nation’s Top Six New Bands
You Must HEAR Right NOW!

Jul 9, 2014 0 16  

1. The NIHILISTIC FRONT Now this I just do not understand: how an ultra heavy band like The NIHILISTIC FRONT is not more well known. Their 2013 album Procession To ...

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CVLT Nation interviews Brazilian hardcore masters Ratos de Porão

Jul 4, 2014 4 5  

With more than 30 years on the road, Ratos de Porão is a true institution of heavy music and one of the most important bands in Brazil, mixing hardcore with ...

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Scum-Beat Warriors:
DRUG LUST Streaming Now + More!

Jun 27, 2014 0 7  

Are you ready for DRUG LUST?…CVLT Nation’s favorite creators of scum-filled hardcore are hitting the road today on June 27th. Damn, we just can not get enough of this band, ...

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Toxicbreed’s Funhouse
Casa de Diversion Covers Vol.3

Jun 25, 2014 8 8  

This is fucking beyond sick: our brothers in noise Toxicbreed’s Funhouse have just released their new Casa de Diversion Covers Vol.3. Tune the fuck in to 23 covers that will ...

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CVLT Nation Streaming:
“Self Deconstruction”

Jun 24, 2014 0 8  

1…2…3… are you ready for knuckle-buster, straight edge hardcore? The new MODERN PAIN record Self Deconstruction that is coming out on Six Feet Under Records will give you your fix. ...

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