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Music is at least 60% sex appeal. If not more. Personally, I’d like to say 90%, but I’ll play fair. Just this once. And if what I say is true, then Baptists issue a satisfying sex punch. I saw Suicidal Tendencies at the Vogue on Dec. 4. It was about what you expect from any aging

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Two days ago, Old Wounds started their East Coast tour alongside Raindance, and we’ve brought you an updated list of their dates so that you can be sure to make it out to one to their shows! Also, we have a rad giveaway to offer you – one each of

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If someone turns around and says Brazil and d-beat, the first thing that may enter your mind is Besthöven, to no surprise either. The one man band’s crusty onslaught is certainly one of Brazil’s finest punk exports, but in the last few years Deaf Kids have really been causing a

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Are we BAPTISTS fans at CVLT Nation? HEll fucking YES and so should you be! They released one of the sickest records of 2013 with Bushcraft, out now on Southern Lord. Seeing them live is a mammoth shot of rawness to your whole being, because BAPTISTS bring it every time

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This is a busy weekend…Baptists are doing a show with Depressing and EOP at the Astoria in Vancouver this Friday, November 29th, and CVLT Nation is a proud sponsor of what will no doubt be a killer show! Baptists always rule, and its Depressing last show ever, but to make

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  For MCA   In the days of analog videotape, gas lamps and horse-drawn carriages, before even dial-up internet had hit my household, musical recommendations came by way of schoolyard traded mix CD-Rs, older sibling hand-me-downs, and music video television. The first CD I ever bought was a collection of

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New York punk band Ivy rip through seven songs in just under ten minutes on this demo cassette of messy, belligerent hardcore. These songs are rough, sloppily recorded, for the most part indecipherable and catchy as hell. The vocals for most of this release are barely distinguishable from the rest

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Photos & Text by Darryl Reid Gag There are a ton of interesting bands coming out of Olympia, Washington and Gag are definitely one of the most original bands to be pushing the boundaries of hardcore. Mid-tempo rhythms buried under a wall of reverb, this is freak out hardcore for

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Both Monuments Collapse from San Francisco and Bréag Naofa, hailing from Seattle, are doing a supreme job of flying the flag of dark epic hardcore and atmospheric post metal on the West Coast, and their pairing for a split LP is an appropriate one if anything.

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CVLT Nation is extra proud to present a new mixtape series – DESTROY ALL! The DESTROY ALL series highlights all the new and rad hardcore coming out in an all out assault on your ears! This mix is 40 bands and one hour of audio angst to keep your day

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Last night, Public Confession killed it our our showcase with Crash the Clubs in Santa Monica, alongside The Body, White Dove, HARASSOR and Uranium Orchard. It was a small, intimate show at Almost Holden Collective, and the record release of Public Confession’s new 10″ – for those that missed it,

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Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Milanku offer a great mixture of the post metal sound, more specifically bands such as Isis and Cult of Luna, and the hardcore energy of acts like Envy. The result is Pris a la Gorge, a fifty-minute long journey through melancholic soundscapes. Even though a quite

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