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Last night, Public Confession killed it our our showcase with Crash the Clubs in Santa Monica, alongside The Body, White Dove, HARASSOR and Uranium Orchard. It was a small, intimate show at Almost Holden Collective, and the record release of Public Confession’s new 10″ – for those that missed it,

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Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Milanku offer a great mixture of the post metal sound, more specifically bands such as Isis and Cult of Luna, and the hardcore energy of acts like Envy. The result is Pris a la Gorge, a fifty-minute long journey through melancholic soundscapes. Even though a quite

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I feel mad sick and all fucked in the head because I have been blasting the new DRUG LUST tape into my head for the past 20 minutes. Hot damn, I really love this band, they are so bad ( in a good way)!!! Their brand of sleazy hardcore has

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Arnaut Pavle 2
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Arnaut Pavle come crawling out of the frozen northern wastes of Finland to encapsulate everything great about raw old school black metal. Named for a legendary eighteenth century Serbian ‘vampire’ supposedly responsible for a plague of mysterious deaths that decimated his village, Arnaut Pavle sound like exactly that. No modern

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BTR Cover

Waiting can be a bitch. Like the next Star Wars or sublime dish Taco Bell will cook up, the interval between The Banner‘s last release (2008’s Frailty) and this jet black gem has been a nail biter. Unlike Star Wars (but like Taco Bell), you know that this band’s sound

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CVLT Nation is proud to sponsor the record release show for Vancouver’s BURNING GHATS put on by Nothing is Heavy! On November 22nd, Burning Ghats celebrate the release of their LP Something Other Than Yourself (read our review here), Bridgeburner, Keep Tidy and Scoot will bring the house down at

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Label: Nervous Habit Records Chicago’s Angry Gods, a new sludge/hardcore crossover band comprised of members of Harps Of Tartarus, Boiling Over and Scouts Honor, play impossibly deep, pummeling metal inflected hardcore full of jack-hammering double-kick drums, down-tuned guitars and guttural catharsis. In only two tracks and six minutes, Angry Gods

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I don’t recall feeling so lost and alone and surrounded by sorrow and desolation as much as I do when listening to┬áDopo L’Apnea, the┬ádebut self-released album of Italian apocalyptic crust band BUIOINGOLA. This album is massive and grand in so many ways, but that’s not exactly the description we’re going

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Photos & Text by Darryl Reid Blasting out of New York’s streets like a bunch of glue-huffing speed freaks, Sad Boys are a blast of high energy pogo punk that sadly has been lacking in the punk scene the last few years. Luckily for us, a great bunch of bands

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Roaring out of the deserts and dives of Phoenix, Arizona come Sacred Followers, an absolutely brutal hardcore wrecking crew featuring members of Gay Kiss and Lusitania. Dark Grease is an already gone limited tape release on Mike Martinez’s awesome zine/tape/whatever label Workin’ Nights, which collects their 2011 demo together with

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Raindance has announced a 2 week East Coast trek along side Old Wounds starting up on December 3rd and will continue until December 18th. Raindance released “New Blood” on Animal Style Records this past November, and Old Wounds is currently supporting their new LP “From Where We Came Is Where

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Still, Weekend Nacho‘s 4th full length album, displays the band’s signature animosity with a handful of new tricks, but the same rough and tumble approach we’ve come to love (yes, you all love it). The band’s had an interesting trajectory – from humble fastcore/PV roots that evolved into a heavier,

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