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What happens when a group of close friends who are bonded by a deep friendship, a highly socially-aware anger and an interwoven web of strong progressive beliefs decide to play loud, angry, abrasive and blown out hardcore punk as a vessel for the expression of radical and extreme vegan, pro-animal

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I’d heard word that they put on punk shows at a few different places around town. This news blindsided me because I didn’t think anything worth mentioning ever went down in my boring little slice of suburbia. Punk was something I thought would never hit my world at large, outside

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DAGGERS from Belgium are unleashing their new full-length It’s Not Jazz, It’s Blues soon on Throatruiner Records, and today we have an exclusive 2-track preview of this killer live-recorded album! It’s Not Jazz, It’s Blues will be out this spring, but today you can hear two tracks – “Apex” and

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Metal Gear Solid is an entrancing game series, if not downright awesome. Any band that has the mind to name themselves from the “Outer Heaven” concept from said series must be awesome, right? Correct. For the uninitiated, the aforementioned concept involved ending the exploitation of soldier’s by governments. Stoic as

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Dublin is pretty rife with noisy punk and hardcore bands, whether it’s Disguise or Crows, and now you can add another name to the list in Gaze. With some familiar faces from Twisted Mass and Fag Enablerz in tow, Gaze play raw d-beat inflected with noisy Japanese hardcore. It’s harsh

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NYC’s Warthog‘s new 7 inch is the shit, and it’s out now via Katorga Works. For just over 5 minutes, these feral psychos lay down some raw d-beat-laced hardcore! Right here and now, you can download the new Warthog for free, but after that head over to Katorga Works to

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Ain’t no shame in our game – just check our resume, we are HUGE fans of the NAILS at CVLT Nation. This past weekend, they performed at The Echo in L.A. with B’last. Jim Bob & Garrett Gutierrez caught all of the off the chain madness on tape. Now it’s

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Tapes of Neon God is doing a massive giveaway for our readers, starting today! There will be one grand prize of all five of their tape releases below, plus two runner up prizes of one tape each. All you have to do is email them at with “CVLT Nation

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Just like their music, the new RUINED FAMILIES video for “Pedestal” takes you to many different places at one time! The way it’s filmed captures the emotion of the song and allows your mind to put together the puzzle of this visual. CVLT Nation is honored to be premiering the

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Written by Phillip Cope As the year ends, it is always fun to look back at it. However, I think it is also fun to look towards the year ahead and hopefully next year some eyes and ears will be focused on Columbia, S.C.. I have been very lucky to

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Just out on Video Disease Records is this self-titled seven inch from weirdo hardcore band Umbilical Cord. Spastic snarls and high pitched screeches are spat over surprisingly melodic and idiosyncratic guitars with occasional bursts of Greg Ginn-ish atonal shred and psychedelic riffs that are as much feedback as playing. ‘Two

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Text and Photos: Darryl Reid Vile Intent Confession time. Vile Intent live two hours away from me, I’ve had friends talk them up to me, I’ve had opportunities to see them live and I’ve run across their releases almost constantly over the last little while, and yet I’ve never listened

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