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Label: Nervous Habit Records Chicago’s Angry Gods, a new sludge/hardcore crossover band comprised of members of Harps Of Tartarus, Boiling Over and Scouts Honor, play impossibly deep, pummeling metal inflected hardcore full of jack-hammering double-kick drums, down-tuned guitars and guttural catharsis. In only two tracks and six minutes, Angry Gods

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I don’t recall feeling so lost and alone and surrounded by sorrow and desolation as much as I do when listening to Dopo L’Apnea, the debut self-released album of Italian apocalyptic crust band BUIOINGOLA. This album is massive and grand in so many ways, but that’s not exactly the description we’re going

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Photos & Text by Darryl Reid Blasting out of New York’s streets like a bunch of glue-huffing speed freaks, Sad Boys are a blast of high energy pogo punk that sadly has been lacking in the punk scene the last few years. Luckily for us, a great bunch of bands

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Roaring out of the deserts and dives of Phoenix, Arizona come Sacred Followers, an absolutely brutal hardcore wrecking crew featuring members of Gay Kiss and Lusitania. Dark Grease is an already gone limited tape release on Mike Martinez’s awesome zine/tape/whatever label Workin’ Nights, which collects their 2011 demo together with

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Raindance has announced a 2 week East Coast trek along side Old Wounds starting up on December 3rd and will continue until December 18th. Raindance released “New Blood” on Animal Style Records this past November, and Old Wounds is currently supporting their new LP “From Where We Came Is Where

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Still, Weekend Nacho‘s 4th full length album, displays the band’s signature animosity with a handful of new tricks, but the same rough and tumble approach we’ve come to love (yes, you all love it). The band’s had an interesting trajectory – from humble fastcore/PV roots that evolved into a heavier,

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Great Falls, based out of Seattle, are an altogether interesting prospect, featuring one-time Jesu drummer Phil Petrocelli, Demian Johnston formerly of Playing Enemy and Kiss It Goodbye and Shane Mehling, also of Playing Enemy. The resulting cacophony isn’t all that surprising – angular, off-kilter and noisy hardcore. In a year

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Label: Melters Hoarders Basement Chain Tape Out Now! Hoarders came and went and left pretty much no record of their existence outside of some promising word of mouth and a few scattered releases, including Basement Chain, their last will and testament in the form of fifteen minutes of searing, frantic,

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Our comrades FREE CAKE have just released a brand new free mixtape featuring some our favorite New Jersey bands! All I can say that this is well worth the price, because it happens to be full of kick ass tunes from some rad bands! DOWNLOAD THIS MOTHERFUCKER NOW!!! Free Cake

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Hey hey all weirdos if you have not heard GAG from Olympia (WA) they are the SHIT! This gang of punks are on a nationwide tour – make sure to check them out. In the meantime, CVLT Nation’s comrade Transylvanian Recordings captured their most recent gig in Oakland. From the

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Earlier this year, Hammerhands released their utterly devastating first album Glaciers – an album of seething sludgy doom and eerie atmosphere that is sure to pop up on a few end of year lists around these parts. The Mississauga, Ontario based four-piece aren’t resting on their laurels though, and have

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This is a shit ton of photo’s cause I’m just going to let the pics speak for themselves. Montreal’s thee Nodes are seriously on of the craziest bunch of fucked up spazzstic freaks I have had the fortune of seeing. I’m not going to do that lame critic/music journalist shit

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