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All Photos & Video by Kevin Hobbs If i had to pick my favorite place in the world for going to shows it would be the Bay Area. Something about that area makes it the perfect place for underground music. On Sept. 3rd history was made again as apart of

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A few weeks ago I witnessed the live performance of a fairly new Bay Area band called LAMENT CITYSCAPE. I had never heard of them and ran into their live performance by total chance here in Oakland. It’s not common to witness a drone-doom band in a live environment these

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In just a little over a week, it is about to go the fuck OFF in Pomona, with a show featuring DESPISE YOU, IN DISGUST, SEX PRISONER, MAGNUM FORCE (their last show) and DISAPPROVAL happening at Aladdin Jr. on Saturday Sept. 7th! Today we put together a live video essay

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On 11/08/13, the WEEKEND NACHOS put out their new album entitled Still on Relapse Records, and from what I hear it’s going to be the SHIZZZ! Right here and now, you can stream and download tWo songs that the band released to the public…Thank you WEEKEND NACHOS – these songs

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The raging dirge of Los Angeles wrecking crew Whip Hand’s Carnal Sect release rings as true as any punk rock released in the last decade possibly can. No pop pretensions, no fancy haircuts (look, these are things I can just tell), and no heartbreak. This is raw anger, unfiltered by

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The new self released & self titled HOAX came out yesterday via their website – buy it HERE! For everyone in the States, they are on tour now so peep the dates. HOAX just ripped shit up in NYC – check it out their full set here & now –

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I’ve captured a bunch of killer bands performing recently that I’d like to share with you on this edition of The Heavy Hour. Featured first, is VHOL, from San Francisco, California. They play Metal shaped with influences in 80’s Black Metal, Discharge Worship and the Grey Metal sound that the

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The Punk is Dead Fest is happening on August 30th & 31st in Lancaster, and from the looks of the lineup it is going to crush Southern California! By far the best thing to happen to Lancaster since Walmart! And we are giving away a pair of tickets to the

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Just over a month back, on July 6th, I attended a pretty awesome DIY grind gathering in the forests of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada that lit up the tranquil atmosphere with blazing grind and powerviolence from the afternoon straight into the night. Organized by locals and inviting multiple comrades from

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Banner Picture by Jeroen Mylle Oathbreaker’s second full-length, Eros|Anteros, is one of the year’s best hardcore releases, while easily being the most unique. Eros|Anteros claps a meaner thunder than 2011’s Mælstrøm, while upholding that album’s dedication to blending blunt force and intangible elegance. Ten tracks careen from calamity to calm,

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Germany keeps vomiting out one great hardcore band after another in a seemingly endless bleeding of incredible talent. The last beastly german hardcore band to hit the scene is Svffer a multidimensional hardcore affair once again blending different genres to maximize its destructive yield, but never falling short of delivering

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DISAPPROVAL are a Southern California band that needs to be fucking recognized! Their new 7 inch El Monte Youth Authority has that hardcore boom-bap effect that will have you pressing replay non-stop. The word on the street is that band is gaining more and more fans with every show! CVLT

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