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Our comrades in sonic heavy weirdness, EOLIAN EMPIRE Records from PDX, have a new comp coming out on Feb. 3rd entitled (We’ve Got) Fiends In Low Places: Heavy Vibes Internationale. Over the course of 15 tracks, you will be slapped in the face by off the wall bands and their take on sound waves!

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What punk band conquered the crossover market the most during the 80’s? The CRO-MAGS – they did it like no other. Now peep this classic footage of them wrecking shop in Maryland…the year was 1986!

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With a really strong demo already on their resume, Dias Xila Leurc, Amniac strike back with their debut album, Infinite, prepared to meet the expectations. The Greek band nicely blends together the sound and vibe of great post metal acts such as Neurosis and Isis, with a touch of the

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Get with this motherfuckers!!! Our Gnarly comrades YAMABUSHI Recordings have just released a 17 track free comp entitled Manifestations Of Everyday Chaos! All of these bands bring the ruckus and give a huge FUCK YOU to the world! Do what I would and download this comp NOW! <a href=””>Manifestations Of

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It’s on like Donkey Kong (damn, I just dated myself): here is our last label feature of 2014. Today we shine much-deserved light on the Chicago punk label High Fashion Industries, which is a home to some of our favorite Raw Punk and DIY Hardcore bands. What I love about

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Growing up and living in Brooklyn has its merits. Beyond the pizza and bagels, the accessibility to music – whether live, at record shops or simply through the people you meet – has been something I try to take full advantage of. This year’s been pretty exciting and I was

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