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Berlin’s infamous noise rock squad CUNTROACHES will be unleashing their first ever vinyl release through Teratology Sound & Vision and Instruments Of Discipline on July 20th. After their insane show in Cardiff, Wales earlier this year, CVLT Nation caught up with the band to find out exactly what it is

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Yes yes y’all – no other label is all about Noise Rock like Reptilian Records! They are about to release another kick ass band that goes by the name of Sinking Suns who’s record Bad Vibes comes out on July 20th. Their songs are all sorts of groovy but have the bite

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Text and Photos: Jon Walters May 25th 2018 – Modified Ghost Festival – The Rickshaw Theater, Vancouver, BC This was one of my bigger shows to date, and I made sure before leaving the house that I had all the gear I would need to capture the essence of this

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I’ve said it before many times in various writeups I’ve done on both here and Fucked By Noise, but it bears repeating: Philadelphia, PA has one of the most interesting scenes in North America (and arguably in the world). The subject of this particular writeup, DIALER, is definitely a band

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Why is HEAVY NATURAL’S soon to be released tape so awesome?  It’s a total sonic mind fuck that you just can not get your head around and thats what makes it so fun!!! This band sounds shape shifts more than weed smoke in the air. Just when you think you

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One constant in our shared experience of art is the cyclical nature of styles and aesthetics. Relevance that fades finds a way to significance once again. In recent years, bands like Majority Rule, PG. 99, City of Caterpillar and more have found themselves active and relevant again, possibly even more

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