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The 2011 Scion Rest was an epic gathering of the Metal & Crusty tribes. The music was off the chain, but the word of the day should have been unity. Everyone was unified under the banner Metal Rules! Way too many awesome bands to chose from. So we focused on

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That time has arrived, finally one of the most anticipated albums of the last few years is out. Orchid’s ‘Capricorn’ has been released by Doom Dealer and it goes way beyond expectations. It is rare when an album that has been hyped to such a degree actually lives up to

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Black MetalMusicReviews

A good bunch of Black Metal bands seem to be inspired by the rural surroundings they live in. Themes like anti-modernity, paganism and the worship of nature’s phenomena just don’t seem go to well hand in hand with multi-level buildings, rush hours, smog and hipster kids hanging around at Starbucks.

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Text: Terminal-Boredom by Jesse Conway Crust Pants. What are they? Where do they come from? Where do they go? Chances are, if you are living in the USA and not in Minneapolis or Portland, you will have no idea what this article is talking about. Don’t be afraid, loyal reader,

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80s HardcoreMusic

by Sean Reveron (CVLT Nation) 1982…children of chaos & mayhem…we were the 13 & 14-year-olds who saw through the eyes of hardcore punk. We terrorized Venice & Santa Monica, but a part of our soundtrack was the Ohio band The Necros. We skated through the hate that society had for

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1983, the year that punks started listening to metal. It all started with Motorhead – they were the first metal band that was cool for punks to be into. Then we heard Venom & the rest was history! SoCal punks & SoCal metal heads started seeing more eye to eye.

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