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All avid readers of CVLT Nation know that we are HUGE fans of OATHBREAKER. So when our comrade from Portugal Nuno Bernardo said he would like to cover their lastest show in Lisbon we were stoked! Not only did he capture their set, but also WIFE‘s. We want to also give

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Life is full of complexities; things can change quickly, and what seems beautiful one moment can look grim another. That is what makes the art form of Black Metal so special – it can be so many things while still remaining powerful! Terra’s new album entitled Mors Secunda is a perfect example how

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Hot FUCKING hell – Venefixion’s soon to be released LP Armorican Deathrites is the BOMB!!! Every moment of this record rocks harder than ancient stone, but it’s the morbid melody that gets me hyped! This band has riffs for dayz that will have the undead head-banging even after life has passed them

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War Arts Productions is killing the game right now – with each release this label is going from strength to strength! Unholy awesome, their new split by Irae (Portugal) / Moribund (United States) is more deadly than a bag of poisoned razor blades. When you hear the first song from Irae called

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There’s no other way to put it: covering a festival is weird and if you’ve ever been to one music festival, you’ve pretty much been to all of them. Sure, demographics and genres vary, but every festival contains universally predictable traits. People get fucked up, bands play, and you take pics

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Chris Jarman has had one hell of a ride in the experimental electronic scene. Starting off as a session musician, participating in numerous records through the years, he entered the drum and bass scene first with Raiden and soon enough with Kamikaze Space Programme. In this interview, we discuss with

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