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6. YOUTH CODE: YOUTH CODE There have been rumblings across this cybernetic spectrum unsure as to just why exactly it’s Youth Code that has generated such extreme gravitation. They certainly aren’t the first to revitalize a genre. They aren’t children of extreme conditions (although Ryan’s tenure in Carry On may

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by Oliver Sheppard A lot of the recent infusion of music and interest into neofolk can be traced to bands like Cult of Youth and the excellent Agalloch, bands originally rooted in the punk and metal scenes, respectively. This is quite a new development in the history of the music,

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By Corey & Gene of Pledge Allegiance to Grindcore Corey’s Top 3 of 2013: Iron Lung – White Glove Test This, hands down, is the PV/Grind album of the year. This duo out of Seattle, Washington, manage to craft some truly memorable, violent jams for 2013. The Brutal Supremacy trilogy

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6. UNRU: Demo MMXIII It’s almost preposterous say in the first sentence of a review, but Unru have created perhaps one of my favorite releases of the year and it’s a demo. Unru hail from Germany and, like many bands of the more contemporary blackened crust movement, only reveal themselves

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One often finds that the dark ambient genre – while no less diverse than any other field of music, in terms of the variety and number of its artists – has a tendency to over-invoke the concepts of “cold” and “infinite” to the extent that many recordings can seem indistinguishable

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2013 has been a great year for interviews – we’ve gotten to know better some of our favorite musicians and artists through some fascinating, in-depth conversations. Here is a collection of our Top 6 favorite interviews we published this year, in order of their appearance on our site: 1. A

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1. Deafheaven – Sunbather Sunbather is a jaw-dropper. “Dream House,” the first track revealed, shattered all expectations by combining all that made their sound endearing: the thrift and melody of Demo along with the majestic, schizophrenic splendor of Roads to Judah. Sunbather accomplishes the near insurmountable feat of incorporating what

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6. FELL VOICES: Regnum Saturni Fell Voices return with Regnum Saturni, three years after their previous full length (untitled). The ambient black metal band, once again, does what they know how to do best, bringing forth three long tracks (shortest one is about seventeen minutes long) filled with chaos and

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6. HIVELORDS: Cavern Apothecary Imagine, if you will, a deep hole that goes on for miles, with no end in sight. Imagine you are at the bottom of this hole, with no light to guide you, and the only way out is upward. This idea of complete nothingness, the blackness

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Portal – Vexovoid It took me a fair few listens of this album to get even the slightest understanding of anything that was going on, but now it probably rates as one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Inaccessible is a gross understatement. Portal play impenetrable, brutal, fucking crazy

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There have been some great new releases in 2013, as well as loads of great reissues in all genres of noisy music, but this is about the new, more crustier side of things. It has been a tough choice once again choosing a top six. As this year saw Profane

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For years I have been a fan of LAUDANUM, and they have never let me down. This past weekend, one of the Bay Area’s heaviest bands played their last show and it was captured by Kill That Cat. CVLT Nation salutes LAUDANUM for keeping it heavy all these years. Now

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