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Crawling out of the seemingly endless river of moods that is the Portland post-punk scene comes Steel Chains. The refreshingly melodic and melancholy quintet brings back driving ’77 vibes to an audience still desperate for female representation. Everyone perfectly serves their role as the veterans keep the newbies in line

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Veterans of the Greek death metal scene, Soulskinner released their third full-length album Crypts of Ancient Wisdom last October. In this interview, I am catching up with Bill (guitarist) to discuss their newest album, its inception and production, as well as the current activities in the Greek extreme metal scene

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Are you ready to travel to the magical kingdom of riffdom? I know the band that can guide you to the place where the sound of guitars are beacons of light that will lead you to a better forever! SardoniS is the name of the band and they hail from

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I don’t know what the deal is lately, but it seems like every band my CVLT Nation superiors have asked me to review for the past month has been from the UK. Don’t read to far into that – I’m definitely not complaining. In fact, every time I check out

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Press play below and have your mind blown! NEUROSIS and SUMAC Aug. 10th at St. Vitus in Brooklyn full sets are in full effect! Nuff respect to everyone at St.Vitus, and to Frank Huang for capturing this unreal nite! Banner image: Nathaniel Shannon

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When one submerges themselves in as much darkness as black metal/noise maven Mories tends to, it is only natural to need a break every now and then. The need to come up from the murky depths and bask in the sunlight now and again is only human, and despite the

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