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Photos: Derek Carr If you weren’t at Vancouver’s Astoria on Saturday, Oct. 26, you missed your ONE chance to see Wolvserpent!! …But don’t cry about it because they didn’t show up. Those border dicks were DICKS. I mean, I love a man in uniform. Unless he’s a pig. For anyone who

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CVLT Nation is stoked to bring you a rad mix to start your day off right – Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXVII by A Storm of Light! ASOL has managed to compile a mix with some of my personal favorite tunes on it, so we’ll be bumping this one in the

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Label: Nervous Habit Records Chicago’s Angry Gods, a new sludge/hardcore crossover band comprised of members of Harps Of Tartarus, Boiling Over and Scouts Honor, play impossibly deep, pummeling metal inflected hardcore full of jack-hammering double-kick drums, down-tuned guitars and guttural catharsis. In only two tracks and six minutes, Angry Gods

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BloodLust! from Chicago are one those labels that I can rely on to put out sonic expressions that will always challenge my eardrums. They have done it again with their new release from Bloodyminded, whose new album Within The Walls comes out today. To put this band’s music into any

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The insane parade of occult, dark and primitive death metal continues. And it is no surprise when you find out that Grave Upheaval comes from Australia, the country from which a big chunk of this type of music originates. With a lineup comprised of members of Portal and Impetuous Ritual,

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From day one, CVLT Nation has been a fan of Chelsea Wolfe and we are super happy to share with you our first interview with her. Chelsea’s new album Pain Is Beauty is out now on Sargent House. What was the recording process like for Pain is Beauty and how

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Photo: Rakel Erna Skarphéðinsdóttir
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I honestly do not know what is going on in this small and seemingly peaceful country called Iceland. Iceland has given us big names within the black metal scene – we can highlight names like Svartidaudi and Wormlust. There is also a very interesting array of bands there that follow

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WOLVSERPENT created a very special album this year called Perigea Antahkarana, out now on Relapse Records, and every minute of this record is a looking glass into another dimension. Live, the band are able to totally expand the dark majestic qualities of their sound into a whole other sonic universe.

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Connecticut’s Sea of Bones have been pretty quiet for a while now, with six years passing since their debut record The Harvest but perhaps the doom band allows new music to blossom at the same pace as their ponderous riffs. Where the band is clearly comfortable with extensive and sprawling

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The Body by Megan Holmes - 14
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Let’s all feel sick, let’s all feel dispair and let’s all hear the heavy filth of The Body. On their new record they have created ritualistic audio deathscapes that suffocate your eardrums. Check out their most video for the song ‘Shrouded’ which is high in the creep-out factor. For all

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Photos: Nuno Bernardo October is always a special month if you are interested in good alternative music and interested in seeing artists perform with honesty and a lot of heart… And if you have the possibility of spending a couple of days in the wonderful city that’s Oporto, in Portugal,

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Kromosom is pure fucking D-Beat with the power of millions of chainsaws about to rip through your neck! Their most recent album Nuclear Reich is a skull-breaking affair that I want to play over and over!!! It seems that Kromosom had a blast on their most recent tour of Japan

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