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Hey you over there, are you ready to be decapitated by diseased riffs that have been covered by every sonic virus unknown to man? If you are, then VALDUR’s new album Pathetic Scum out now via Bloody Mountain Records is just for you because it’s a non-stop unholy force of nature. CVLT Nation has

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Last week, the awesome folks over at Maximum Rock n Roll selected London punkers NO as their band/record of the week. As I gave the band a listen, I realized that I had heard the band somewhere, but for the life of me could not figure out where I had heard them. Suddenly

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That moment when an album completely floors you in under two minutes – that’s the new Adversarial. Riffy, hammering, and decidedly dark, what more could one expect from an album titled Death, Endless Nothing, and The Black Knife of Nihilism? Even people who aren’t into this kind of music have

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VANUM’S album Realm of Sacrifice that is out now on Profound Lore has been getting mad praise, which it totally deserves! They just performed this record live for the first time at this year’s Dissociative Vision fest that just took place in Brooklyn. Check their stellar passionate performance below…Nuff respect

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The UK’s FVNERALS are very special band who know how to create powerful songs by using melodies shrouded in ethereal tones! The soundscape this band conjures up is the kind that you can escape into after you have had a hard day. FVNERALS have a new 7″ EP entitled The Path

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Death/doom lovers get a fix on this featured release. Gateway’s guitar riffs are fuzzy, the way grunge guitars used to be, partly inspired by Black Sabbath and the early doom scene. The guitars sound so downtuned, the riffs sound like they’re played from a bass guitar. Expect simple but catchy

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