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CVLT Nation is proud to present the eighth covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: SLEEP’S HOLY MOUNTAIN. This re-envisioning of a genre-defining classic  features doom warriors Sea of Bones, Oryx, Fogg, Sea Witch, Bog Oak, Cult of Occult, Space Witch and Frown! All of these bands have lived

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Although cities such as Bergen and Stockholm are regarded among the most fertile breeding grounds for extreme metal, Reykjavik is fast gaining a reputation as a hotbed for some of the most exciting black metal this decade. Abominor are one of many blasphemous outfits from this city. Their recently-released EP,

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On July 2nd, a very special Wrekmeister Harmonies show took place m at the annual “Beyond the Gate” series inside the Bohemian National Cemetery Mausoleum. We are so lucky that our comrade in photography Josh Ford was on hand to capture this amazing performance for CVLT Nation. Wrekmeister Harmonies was joined by some of

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Raw and chaotic black metal never escapes my notice. Svarta are relatively new, having released only a demo in the past, while keeping their identities secret. They’re from Sweden, but play black metal closer to that of French revisionists Peste Noire. Svarta really go nuts on the vocals, and the

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Last year we got turned on to New York’s instrumental DOOM WARRIORS CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC via their album To Sleep Beyond The Earth. Now the band is getting ready to release their new record entitled Your Doom Has Come on Sept 1st. From what I have heard, this band has

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What time is it? It’s time to feel the HEAVY!!! A full set of Sunn o))) performing in Germany 2005…Their new album is being recorded NOW…Watch this while you wait for the LP to be finished. Photo by Joshua Ford Filmed by Marc Schummer

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