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New York punk band Ivy rip through seven songs in just under ten minutes on this demo cassette of messy, belligerent hardcore. These songs are rough, sloppily recorded, for the most part indecipherable and catchy as hell. The vocals for most of this release are barely distinguishable from the rest

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Seattle’s underground scene, and its surrounding areas, appears to be in a state of vibrant health right about now with the likes of Bone Sickness, Breag Naofa and A God Or An Other all releasing quality music of late, touching on death metal, sludge and black metal – meaning the

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Fuck yeah, the art of Philippe Caza is is one gigantic pill of epicness! The color that flows out of his imagination is fucking amazing. This French Sci-Fi master has influenced many illustrators in the heavy scene. On a personal level, I just can’t get enough of looking at his

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Photos & Text by Darryl Reid Gag There are a ton of interesting bands coming out of Olympia, Washington and Gag are definitely one of the most original bands to be pushing the boundaries of hardcore. Mid-tempo rhythms buried under a wall of reverb, this is freak out hardcore for

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Label: Robotic Empire Up until now, Reuben Sawyer has been known mostly for his fantastic illustration and design work under the Rainbath Visual moniker, but that’s going to change very quickly as a result of this album. Held Above is the first album proper by Hollow Sunshine, in which Sawyer

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Hailing from the Sierras, Valdur creates black metal that evokes the chill of a mountaintop, where only your cabin walls protect you from the harsh world outside. Their new album, At War With, follow up to 2010’s Raven Gods Among Us, makes that icy wind a reality, whipping its frosty

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‘Cement Cathedrals’ is a limited cassette release and the first release from the Stay Strange label based in San Diego. Monochromacy are best described as minimalist drone. From the very beginning you get lost in it’s cold unique sound, which takes you away to a dark and doomy place. A

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’84 Rollins/Kira/Ginn/Stevenson – this is the lineup of BLACK FLAG I saw the most and I never got bored of seeing them! In my book, this is the era that went on to really influence sludge, doom and even grunge. This is also the time when Henry started to come

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Caïna is one of the most revered acts on the UKBM scene and since the first days of the project sole member Andrew Curtis-Brignell has pushed the sounds of his band further and further from the initial steps taken on 2006s demo, The King Beneath. Since that time, Caïna has

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CVLT Nation has another installment in our Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series for you, Vol. CXX by Pinkish Black! Both Daron and Jon made mixes for us to demonstrate how their tastes converge to create their unique and acclaimed sound. Step back a few decades and stream and download Sonic Cathedrals

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Both Monuments Collapse from San Francisco and Bréag Naofa, hailing from Seattle, are doing a supreme job of flying the flag of dark epic hardcore and atmospheric post metal on the West Coast, and their pairing for a split LP is an appropriate one if anything.

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AMENRA is heavy in a way that is all their own! Check out this moving and intense performance of theirs at this year’s Roadburn. All Hail The Church Of RA! SAT 23/11 : MUZIKANTENDAG, AB BRUSSEL BE SOLDOUT SUN 24/11 TRIX, ANTWERP BE w/ Spookhuisje SOLDOUT FRI 13/12: PAARD VAN

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