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Totally disturbing, totally fucked up and totally demented is what the new INDIAN video for their song “Rhetoric of No” is all about. See it for yourself and you be the judge! I will say that INDIAN’S new album ‘From All Purity’ is the shit, and is out now via

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Something is stirring in Germany. The land of poets and thinkers, that produced Beethoven, Bach, Wagner, Mozart and Wigrid, is maintaining its tradition of artistic innovation with two relative newcomers, Unru and Sun Worship, who are both pushing the boundaries of modern black metal. Here both bands offer a track

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Human Bodies are a young band from Boston, Massachusetts, playing a caustic blend of punk and raw black metal. With this first Demo, simply called “Demo MMXIII“, Human Bodies unleashes 4 furious and vicious slabs of some good raw black punk (by the way, people must come up with a

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Alright, OK groovy ghoulies…The Cramps were on the next level of radness. This band were a part of my teenage years, and they were one of the few non-hardcore bands that hardcore kids listened to in 1982. The Cramps were totally punk because they just did not give a fuck.

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It’s no fucking secret we our huge fans of OCCULTIST!!! So we could not pass up the chance to post this raging full set from their A389 fest performance…All hails to OCCULTIST, Frank Huang aka PITFULLOFSHIT and A389 Recordings. Make sure to pick up their new album HERE!

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Austria might be famous for quite a few things in this world – mountains, delicious food and a weird dialect for example – but Doom Metal is not exactly one. However IRON HEEL hailing from the country’s capital Vienna have all the darkened potential to change this, bringing misery and

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If your problem is happiness, or just a general feeling of contentedness with the world, then No Solution may in fact be the solution. In ten songs, eleven minutes and twelve inches, Jackals could turn fucking Mickey Mouse into Robert Smith (Faith/Pornography Robert Smith, not “Love Cats” Robert Smith). Affirmative,

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On March 31st, a very special record is coming out via Throatruiner Records from the Belgian band DAGGERS. We recently streamed two songs from their album It’s Not Jazz, It’s Blues. We stoked to be streaming another new DAGGERS track entitled “Sovereign”…Stay tuned to Throatruiner Records – they will be

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This is just way too rad: KYLESA totally killing shit in Paris. Check out this stellar footage of them performing “Said and Done” and you can feel the energy jumping out of your screen. KYLESA is still on tour all over Europe, so if you are in that part of

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We all know the world can be a fucked up place and that it’s run by a small group of corrupt pigs! This is why I like much of the music I blast to have a message I can relate to. COMMUNION of THIEVES and DENDRITIC ARBOR have a split

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“From All Purity” marks the return of Chicago’s sludge monsters, Indian and this time they’re angrier than ever. Just like their predecessor “Guiltless”, “From All Purity” introduces us to a little more than a handful of tracks, in this case 6, but that are more than enough for the band

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I can’t front, I really enjoy laughing. So I found a tumblr page that combines my love for laughter & heavy metal. CVLT Nation’s Favorite Tumblr right now is Metal Albums with Googly Eyes. It’s full of funny reworked album covers that will put a smile on your grim face.

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