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One of the best things about relocating CVLT Nation to Vancouver, BC from L.A. was becoming embedded in the thriving PNW underground. We’ve been able to make friendships with some awesome people, including the twisted minds behind the death metal heavyweights Mitochondrion and Auroch. So we’re very happy that they

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So what happens when you ask your comrades in sludge to curate a mixtape for you? The outcome is this filthy collection of songs that DOPETHRONE put together for us!   DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE HERE!   METH DRINKER – broken down and used up MARS – shadow out of time THOU

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Abandon your sub-genre preferences for a second, Cvlt Nation maniacs! Gruesome old-school death metal is here to stay, and Sentient Ruin Laboratories has just released another classic example of the style care of Noose Rot’s EP, The Creeping Unknown. Only four tracks long, the release is fraught with doom downpicks

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Our Place of Worship is Silence return on April 13th with their second album, “With Inexorable Suffering”. The L.A based Death/Black metal act are back with a vengeance some 2 years after their debut album, “The Embodiment of Hate”.  Despite the many familiar black and death metal components found in these

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Tearful Moon are darkwave duo Sky Lesco (lyrics/vocals) and Manuel Lozano (music/some vocals) of Houston, TX.  Their sophomore album Evocation was released digitally in September of last year on InClub records. 2018 is looking just as busy for them as they tour several parts of the world while releasing the

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On March 8th, 2011, CVLT Nation went live, and the first few people trickled onto the site to read our first few posts. Here we are 7 years later, releasing our 16th compilation in the CVLT Nation Sessions series – BLACK FLAG’s My War. This album may have polarized punks in

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