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Clearly there’s something in air in Portland, Oregon that’s been breeding a city with a vibrant and healthy underground for years, especially those of the doom and sludge variety. Stoneburner are one such band and one of the latest signees to Neurosis’ Neurot Recordings. Signing to this label immediately sets

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After great difficulty, red tape, bureaucracy and a flubbering, shutty-downy U.S. government managed to keep GODFLESH out of the United States for years, they finally made their return to Los Angeles on Tuesday, the 22nd of April, 2014, at the Henry Fonda theatre. A fine hum of anticipation buzzed in

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Some of us might be aware of the expression, “there are tribute bands and there are tribute bands.” What that means is that tribute bands attempt to remake some of the magic the originators of a sub-genre had created, but most tribute bands come up some ways short of evolutionary,

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Photos by Gemma Shaw This year’s Temples Festival in Bristol featured a killer lineup! Our metal festival photographer Gemma Shaw was there on Day One to capture performances from Electric Wizard, Anaal Nathrakh, Blood Ceremony, Jucifer, Moss and Satan’s Satyrs! Check out her awesome photos below, and stay tuned for

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VIOLENCE, DISTORTION, DEATH, DECAY, FILTH SUPREME, MURDER RIFFS and BLOODY VOCALS are some of the words that come to mind when I listen to releases from GRACELESS Recordings! This Nashville-based tape label specializes in putting out underground gems. This is a label you can trust, because they only release the

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They did it. They fucking did it. After years of chasing each other around all over the country on endless joint tours and doing absolutely nothing to hide a deep and long running friendship, two of America’s most prominent and innovative doom bands – THOU from Baton Rouge, LA, and

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