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Black metal infused punk, or punk infused black metal, is nothing new; however, the style has never sounded as fresh as it does coming from Boston’s Human Bodies. No Life, their third output overall, released back in August, surprises me in that it didn’t make it on at least the honorable mentions sections of some year end lists (at least that I’ve seen).

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Hardcore punk maniac? DIY fan? Trendkiller? If you say all of the above, you’ll love Whip Hand! No clean singing. No tech-riffage. No fear. Whip hand rock and jam like they don’t care what you think.

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Black is black… BEHEMOTH ripping shit in 1996! Nuff said, now head bang you bastards!!!

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Let’s get this out of the way beforehand: Once I was contacted to review this record, and upon seeing Philadelphia’s Ladder Devils, I noticed at the bottom that they describe their sound as “…the punk urgency of Nirvana with the sonic experimentation of The Pixies,” which is a pretty damn bold statement all around. But the truth is that the Ladder Devils do deserve to compare themselves to those bands, along with a few others, because they absolutely talk the talk and walk the walk with this record.

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London, like Vancouver, is a city of grey skies…sometimes it can feel as if the landscape is frozen in time for months on end – seasons come and go, but the clouds remain. So I feel a special kinship with the melancholy that VOICES bring with their newest full length, London.

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On this here review, we take on the venerable noise, black metal, punk vitrolic band known as Smoke and their latest release, the Het Laatste Ordeel LP. From the get-go, we’re swathed in a dense curtain of necro noise. The guitar sounds like discordant bass, and the cymbals are loud. It’s hard to tell the riffs apart, as they sound like they were recorded in a sewage tank.

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