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When I first listened to Darkspace, I told myself “woah, what a weird band, that’s cool”, and then I took interest in them, learned stuff about the way they do things, and that’s when I told myself, “holy shit, that’s a very, very weird band, that’s awesome”. I discovered them

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The two east coast cities that had the biggest impact on Hardcore in the 80’s were D.C. and Boston (Sorry NYC). The bands coming out of these places resonated with me and all of my homies. We did not get mad when they named their comp “This Is Boston Not

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On Saturday, October 4th, Vancouver will experience the unique, crushing brand of heavy that is THE BODY! They’ll be bringing down the walls of The Astoria, accompanied by Sandworm, Haggatha, Ahna and Womankind. CVLT Nation is stoked to offer a giveaway for a pair of tickets to this show…just email

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Like a fine wine, the work of Dylan Carlson only appears to get better with age. Clichéd comparison? Sure, but extremely apt nonetheless. While Earth’s original run of records are nothing to sniff at, the run of records from Earth since 2005’s HEX; or Printing in the Infernal Method has

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When humans are fed lies, and are forced to think that corruption is the way of the land, some will rebel. Revolutionary beings have been on this planet since the beginning of time, and the early 90’s was no different. Many punks from my era thought that the scene stopped

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So what happened when I first heard BOG OAK? I said to myself, damn, this band is creating some next level doom and I need to do everything within my power to make sure that the world hears this fuzzed-out band! I started emailing everyone I knew, saying that they

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